Nash T-63 Black Telecaster, Callaham Bridge/Saddles, Sperzel, Lollar, Big Boat VNash T-63 Black Telecaster, Callaham Bridge/Saddles, Sperzel, Lollar, Big Boat V

This badass T-63 ain’t for church. It has a pop and snarl that reveals a bad attitude. It looks like it’s guilty of something. This is NOT the guitar to bring home to mom and dad, unless they dig Zappa. Even though this guitar is in excellent condition, it looks like it was played hard and put away wet. It looks like it was bounced around a freightcar, with the railroad cops on your trail. The back of the neck looks like is was washed with years of salt, sweat, blood, tears and hard times. And broken dreams and lost opportunities … like it was bathed in the blues. The Lollar gives it a “frenched” rat rod look. It came rusty, right out of Jason’s hot little hands. The look says “screw you, I’m rusty, so piss off.” Ok then. Peace man! The Callaham metal took a great guitar over the top. No one does metal like Bill Callaham. He’s like a freaky mad scientists, a doctor of metallurgical toneology. His bridge and saddles made this this come alive. It costed a bundle, but holy shit, what a difference. Ok, tuners. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve tried them all. Locking Schallers and Grovers are good, but simply dont measure up to Sperzel locking tuners, which stay in tune for weeks, and also improve the tonality. There I said it. They improve the tone. I guess it’s in the metal..? I have a dozen guitars, and have Sperzels on all of them. From Nash’s hot rockabilly PR chick: The T-63 is available with a 3-ply pickguard in Black, White, Mint, or Tortoise Shell. This model comes in either ash or alder, with a rosewood fretboard. (I have no idea what body wood is… but it sounds friggin great.) Nash is the largest independent builder of aged guitars and basses in the world. Nash guitars replicate the look and feel of vintage pieces with updates that appeal to the modern player. All Nash guitars and basses are handcrafted in the USA by guitar and bass players using only 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer and all paints are hand mixed…Playing this guitar could attract the law. If you had five Tele players in a police lineup, and you’re holding this one, you’ll need a file baked into a cake… He’s in the jailhouse now….This guitar was ordered with a fat neck. When it arrived, it wasnt fat enough, so the guitar was sent back to Bill Nash. Bill put a HUGE V-neck on there, and now it has the magic! Bill said it was their fattest possible neck. Big boat V about 1″ at 1st feet and 1″ at 12th fret. I wasnt even sure how to answer ‘condition.’ I mean… they come all beat to hell right from the factory. Lol. This guitar looks like it stole something, and has spent time in an old freight train. And in jail… for decades… It may have been used in a bank or train robbery, but again… No visible bullet holes to speak of. It is a really cool badass Tele. With this neck, it’s impossible to wreck the thing. Run it over with a street paving machine. Drop it from an airplane. Load it behind a warhead of a cruise missile, and fire it into the Telesphere. Lay it on the railroad tracks… Even Pete Townshend can’t break this thing. The neck is too fat. Product Specs Condition: Excellent (Used) Brand Nash Model T-63 Lollartron, Sperzels, Callaham Metal Finish Black Distressed Finish Categories Solid Body Year 2016 Made In United States