Here’s a real nice Partscaster I put together recently. The body is a light Fender spec body that barely weighs 4 pounds empty, the color looks to be Daphne or Sonic Blue. The neck is from an older unknown Squier Series Stratocaster, it was not my first choice for a neck when I started this build but it turned out to be a perfect fit. It has a nice chunky C-Profile to it and is a pleasure to play! I set the guitar up with a fresh set of .009’s and low action, the pickups were set to factory specs. I have included a few pictures of the pickups/electronics in the cavity of the guitar. This is how I received the body loaded with the electronics. I am unsure of their manufacture but they look like a pre-loaded assembly, maybe GFS? They compare in quality to that of a Fender MIM pickup assembly and sound bright! I added an aftermarket American spec red pearloid pickguard to the body that looks really sharp! The final result is a winner, this guitar looks plays and sounds great! A few things of note, this Partscaster needs just a few finishing touches to look aesthetically complete: The headstock has had it’s original logo decal lightly sanded off and is ready for a new waterslide decal and coat of poly. There are no pilot holes for the tremolo cover on the backside of the body so there is no cover. It is also missing the switch tip for the 5-way selector and is missing it’s tremolo bar. I did not have the correct color tips or bar, an American/Mexico spec bar will fit in the block. The oem tuning machines are in good operating condition and provide stable tuning, if they are not to your liking you may choose to change them out. Please look at all of the pictures closely. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank You