Rare GibsonStyle Headstock EpiphoneFT-145LHLefty(+Case&Goodies)TEXAN1970sNaturalRare GibsonStyle Headstock EpiphoneFT-145LHLefty(+Case&Goodies)TEXAN1970sNatural

Priced to sell!!Massive price drops!! Should be asking more given the sheer excellent shape this guitar is in for its age, however, I’m currently just looking to help fund another project, so I’m giving some lucky player a great deal! Shipping alone will be between 40-60$ for me, so I’m biting the brunt of all the costs on this deal. Everyone loves an Epiphone with the traditional Gibson style ‘Open Book’ headstock! Up for grabs is this amazing, all original, made in Japan Gibson Open Book Headstock Ephiphone FT-145LH(Left Hand) with Adjustable Bridge! Very likely also the nicest 1970’s MIJ Epiphone FT-145LH Texan true player you will see in years, and it’s got that 70’s sound & vibe! These tend to sound a lot like Martin D-18s. This is the higher quality 2nd Gen model(white label) that lacks the issues of the 1st Gen model(blue label), with an improved neck-to-body joint. The neck blocks on the first models were apparently prone to cracking. This one also has a pristine soundhole.I purchased this just as of recent from a friend (who originally acquired it as a gift from her uncle many years back with the intent to learn, as it was one of his main players), she had an unexpected emergency come up, said she was going to pawn it, I told her I’d happily keep it out of some smelly, dirty old pawn shop, and help get it back into the hands of a true player that can give this instrument the love it deserves!I took the time to clean, rehydrate, and polish the fretboard, as well as buffed all the frets (see very last photo for a before and after comparison), smoothed the low E, A, & D nut slots with 2000 grit to help prevent string binding. Buffed and polished the head, neck, & body. As well as brand new(2 days old) Ernie Ball medium gauge strings. Checked the moisture, and didn’t need to hydrate the inner body woods at all, as they still have plenty of moisture. The girl mentioned that she believes her uncle buffed the top layer of his fretboard (to the 9th fret) with steelwool to make it particularly smooth, as there is some seen discoloration, but she wasn’t sure; to be honest, I haven’t seen this kind of wear before, if you have any ideas please do let me know! That being said, the fretboard is indeed incredibly smooth (as well as beautiful grain pattern), otherwise is in fantastic shape!(as the pictures show) Aside from that, all other players wear is extremely nil, all of which being incredibly minor bumps that are only visible under the right lighting. Neck is in great shape, and truss rod turns. Tuners all work, function & turn excellent, only one has slight stick (to be expected after nearly four decades), nothing some tlc wont clear up The quality and craftsmanship of the made in Japan Epiphone’s really are in a league of their own… who even decided made is USA was #1 in the first place?… my money is on these gorgeous made in Japan guitars.Absolutely crisp, balanced, and booming tone from these woods!Keep in mind… this guitar is from around the mid 70’s (nearly 40 years ago), when it was produced, the batches of woods they had around and were using were likely already 40+years old… do the math, that means this guitars wood is either nearing, or surpassing a century old, now THAT’S some serious tone wood!How can you also tell this baby has had some decades to breathe?… a Zero fret… that’s right, this ol gal has a zero fret! As well as that super cool double dot 7th fret inlay!ahh the good old days of the 70’s were so much more interesting…100% honest, I seriously want to keep this, set it up righty and make it work, as I never realized just how much more comfortable playing a bolt on neck acoustic was, being able to butt right up against the body in the higher frets (not to mention how interesting & unique); however this guitar’s whole life has been played lefty, so it is just more naturally & perfectly set up for it. While I’m more than happy to help out a friend in need, I do also have my own misc bills to cover presently, so I am willing to give some lucky player a steal of a deal. That being said, this truly is a gorgeous example of what taking care of instruments can look like nearly half a century later, so serious offers and inquires only.I had it set up righty initially (as pictured) to try and play it, and for general set up, but without having the new righty nut slotted or filed, the action was just too high; so currently I have the guitar set up and strung back to lefty, & I’ve been playing standard ‘cowboy chords’, except upside down just to be able to hear those century old woods sing! However, I am more than happy to restring & convert it to full on righty, or leave it as is prior to shipping!(included new righty nut at your request) Hard/foam case has certainly seen better days, but is included as a handy backup to throw in the closet/under the bed! Can also include a clip on tuner, pick holder, some picks as well if you’d like! Just let me know! (all came with it when I got it, and I don’t need any of it, as I play fingerstyle and already have a tuner) *video included to help demonstrate sound* *please look at photos, read full description, and ask questions prior to order* Body:Laminated spruce topLaminated veneered back & sidesMahogany bodyNeck:Mahogany neckBolt-on 3-piece neckRosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlaysDouble-dots at 7th & 12th fretsOpen-book or traditional headstock with scripted Epiphone logo25.5″ scaleBinding:5-ply body bindingMulti-ply 3-ring rosetteHardware:Chrome hardwarePlate-mounted tuners with chrome oval buttonsAdjustable rosewood bridgeBlack pickguardboth our peace of mind!