Schecter Hellraiser FR BUNDLE - Floyd Rose Black CherrySchecter Hellraiser FR BUNDLE - Floyd Rose Black Cherry

Used– Schecter Diamond Series Hellraiser Guitar *I’m selling this item because I lost interest inlearning guitar 2 years ago. I thought there might be another beginner or avidguitar collector out there who could get more enjoyment out of this beautifulinstrument than me. The high E string does need to be replaced. Other than thatshe is in great condition! ItemsIncluded: -DiscHercules Guitar Stand-RoadRunner soft case-Voxmini amplifier and plug in cord-Tunerwhich tunes the guitar by vibrations through the neck. You can still tune in aloud environment-SnarlingDogs Brain Picks – I loved these because I could grip them better. I constantlydropped my pick