Squier Fender Stratocaster Midi Guitar (rock band)Squier Fender Stratocaster Midi Guitar (rock band)

This is the Fender-designed midi guitar sold for Rockband. I used this guitar as a midi controller for synthesizers in a non-smoking, home studio environment. The guitar works fantastic for midi. Compared to my other (much more expensive) midi guitars, this one performs almost as well. The only drawback is that bends cannot be transferred via midi. It also works for RockBand with a pro-adapter that I’m also selling. The guitar functions with a standard amplifier just fine. It has a single bridge humbucker. Note: Hooking this up to a midi synthesizer may require midi mapping and technical know-how. My set-up was a native instruments audio interface to Sonar and Omnisphere on a Windows PC. Please note, I have tested this guitar, it works with my system flawlessly. I will accept returns if the guitar doesn’t work, but you will need to contact me. I had an incident where the buyer wanted to return it because it didn’t work with his setup, and I was out $30 in shipping fees. The guitar works perfectly, and if it doesn’t work with your system I’ll take it back, but I’m not refunding shipping costs.