Tiger Stripe Electric Guitar, MBT polyfoam case, MBTEGCP, Fender strings 10-52 Tiger Stripe Electric Guitar, MBT polyfoam case, MBTEGCP, Fender strings 10-52

Shipping on this 18 pound package will be by “YOUR CHOICE” of delivery speed and cost >>>1st option USPS select Ground Insured Mail with signature delivery, for $ 68.80 ,,,2nd option USPS Priority Insured mail with signature delivery alittle faster delivery for $ 112.25 ,,,3rd option FEDEX home delivery Insured with signature delivery for $ 111.40 . *** You decide which delivery service is “BEST FOR YOU” ,,, in the event you are “NOT” HOME during delivery ,,, IT depends on which is closest geography convenient Location to your HOME or BUSINESS for you to pick it up. *** YOU MAKE THE OPTION CHOICE BEFORE CHECK-OUT,,, “BECASUE” Once you have checked out,,, I and/or EBAY can “NOT” go back and modify your check-out delivery service option. “NOW”,,, What we have here up for your bidding considerations is “ONE”, (1) LISTED as “USED” >>>Tiger stripe electric Guitar, polyfoam case and a set of Fender strings. Information details on these ITEMS >>>The Tiger stripe electric guitar is from S-101 China Guitars / distributed by Dillion Guitar Company as a private Label Guitar that a Dealer can put his own Brand on the guitar headstock. This was the proto type I first received in my Retail Music Store for me to inspect. ( Later I chose my brand-name for the factory to install ),,, this ONE guitar has NO NAME on the headstock. IT has a strat-styled body, tiger stripe front / black back. 3-ply pickguard, white-black-white, 3-single coil pickups,5-way toggle pickup selector switch, GOLD-plated metal hardware,,, that is showing signs of TARNISH & PITTING from being handled on display inside my retail music store in North Carolina. THIS IS WHY I AM LISTING THIS GUITAR AS “USED”,,, per eBay condition requirements ***An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.The Gold Plating must be thin / probably only about 1-carat. Fulcrum old-style Tremolo with screw-in style black-tip tremolo arm, arm also shows signs of tarnish, 1-Volume knob, 2-Tone knobs, 22 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard on a Maple Neck, Standard 25.5″inch scale >>> SEE THE PHOTO, 1 5/8″INCH STRAT STYLE TOP NUT STRING GUIDE, MBT POLYFOAM Hardstyle Lightweight Rectangle Carrying case # MBTEGCP ,,, others listed here on ebay for $ 94.99 for just the case. The features of the case are >>> outside Velcro storage compartment, NYLON exterior covering, POLYFOAM interior shell hard padding, PLUSH Fur-Like Lined interior material, Shoulder Carrying Strap for the case, OPEN accessory compartments on each side of the neck trough, Double strap carrying handles. Then also included with this auction is a NEW SET of FENDER electric guitar strings # 250RH / with a string gauge of .010-.013-.017p-.032w-.042-.052 Nickel-Plated Steel Bright Toned called a Regular/Heavy. I have done alittle math on this package The NEW case I saw was $ 94.99,,, I found a neck with the tuners installed for $ 45.99 ,,, I can’t find a TIGER STRIPE body with the pickups & wiring installed anywhere ???So if you Say 94.99 + 45.99 and allow 8.99 for the body you get my $ 149.97 starting price. OR you could say $ 49.99 for the BODY + $ 49.99 for the NECK + $ 49.99 for the case = $ 149.97 also ??? Either way you figure it ,,, IT IS A DEAL !!! *** SO, I am going to start the bidding price at $ 149.97 with eBay’s BUY-IT-NOW option !!! *** I have now CLOSED my FULL-LINE retail music store here in North Carolina and semi-retired after 46 years in the music business.This is one of the items I found that were Left over after our going-out-of-business sale,,, after I had packed up everything else and moved out of my building,,, FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION OF PARTS and COLLECTIBLE MUSICAL ITEMS and Instruments !!! I thought one day I might need a Guitar for a Family member,,, BUT I have NOT,,, SO THIS ONE UNIT IS NOW UP FOR AUCTION FOR YOU TO ENJOY !!! North Carolina BUYERS at this time DO “NOT” currently have to pay Sales Tax during this purchase,,, because I have CLOSED my store.HOWEVER eBay has started collecting sales taxes now on a few states, Washington in January, Iowa in February, Connecticut to start in April, New Jersey in May and others to follow in July. *** “MY” SELLERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO THIS ELECTRONIC CONTRACT***, I am selling this “ELECTRIC GUITAR PACKAGE” here on eBay as a final closeout Liquidation “USED” PRICE,,, AS-IS ITEM Sale,,, there will be NO refunds,,, NO returns,,, NO exchanges,,, SELLING IT as-is as you receive IT,,, there will be No CLAIMS “NOT” AS DESCRIBED PROBLEMS, I have described IT to the best of my ability AND as photographed,,, and Package shown,,, YOU accept it AS-IS as received, as a closeout sale at your own risk,,, there will be No stop payments thru Pay-pal,,, No charge-backs thru your debit or credit card company,,, No complaining,,, NO buyers remorse,,, No promises,,, NO warranty ,,, NO guarantees,,, You hereby accept IT AS-IS, AS YOU RECEIVE IT,,, AS described in this advertisement,,, AS PACKAGED,,, I CAN “NOT” AND WILL “NOT” GUARANTEE IT’S ELECTRIC TONE QUALITY FROM ITS BUILT-IN PICKUPS TO YOUR EARS, IT’S NECK FEEL ON THE PALM OF YOUR HAND AND/OR YOUR FINGERS, IT’S TENSION RADIUS NECK DEGREE PERFORMANCE ON YOUR HAND-FEEL AND/OR YOUR FINGERS FRETTING THE FINGERBOARD or YOUR ABILITY TO PLAY IT,,, YOUR ATTEMPT TO SAY THE FRETS ARE WORN,,, THE FINGERBOARD IS DAMAGED,,, ANY FLAWS THAT YOU MAY ATTEMPT TO BRING FORWARD OR DESCRIBE,,, I am “NOT” Implying or offering any warranty OR guarantee on the part of this guitars playability,,, Intonation,,, Bridge height,, Saddle trueness,,,, neck trueness,,, Action Feel,,, it’s Looks,,, tone-Sound Quality,,, Sound or playing performance and/or it’s resell marketability value,,, these are items that were set-up by the factory and I HAVE “NOT” RESET THEM,,, THIS IS A PERSONAL INTERPRETATION ALL OF WHICH IS SUBJECTIVE,,, ALL REPAIRS,,, ADJUSTMENTS,,, AND/OR SET-UPS ARE AT YOUR THE BUYERS PERSONAL EXPENSE,,, I HAVE HEARD THEM ALL AND E’BAY AGREES WITH ME – WHEN I SAY AS-IS ,,, THATS MEANS AS-IS !!! IT’s FEEL OF THE CARRYING CASE OR CARRYING HANDLE, THAT’S INCLUDED TO YOUR FINGERS OR HANDS,,, OR ANY DIS-COLORATION,,, SCUFFED MARKS FROM ME HANDLING IT OR IT BEING ON DISPLAY INSIDE MY MUSIC STORE WHICH I HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED,,, ANY AGE MARKS,,, OR USAGE MARKS ON THE OUTSIDE ITSELF,,, AND/OR TARNISH ON ANY OF THE PARTS, HARDWARE OR THE BODY PARTS ITSELF viewed by the photographs of the actual “GUITAR & CASE” in this advertisement ,,, WHICH I HAVE MENTIONED AND DISCLOSED THAT THERE ARE TARNISHED GOLD PLATED PARTS,,, AND PHOTOGRAPHED SHOWN,,, I CAN NOT GUARANTEE A PERSONAL BUYERS TASTE AND/OR OPINION,,, OR THE OPINIONS OF A 3RD PARTY.THE AS-IS LISTING DESCRIPTION IS JUST THAT,,, AS-IS MEANS AS-IS . THANK-YOU FOR YOUR COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE !!! I have CLOSED my store, GONE OUT-OF-BUSINESS & “RETIRED”,,, and this is why I can NOT take returns on these items as such on a discounted price closeout sale Liquidation item price. Buy-at-your-own-risk is the ONLY way to explain IT and make myself PERFECTLY clear. Take a gamble its a GOOD piece at a GOOD PRICE !!!. *** DO THE MATH,,, YOU CAN’T BUY A TIGER-STRIPE ELECTRIC GUITAR BODY WITH THE PICKUPS WIRED AND READY TO PLAY, IT’s NECK AND THIS CASE INDIVIDUALLY FOR A BETTER PRICE ??? I kept this item as a personal OEM promo-collectible for myself,,, Hoping to add it to my personal or families needs,,, HOWEVER,,, since my retirement,,, MY monthly funds have begun to run short on my monthly social security benefits and expenses,,, SO NOW I AM OFFERING SOME OF MY special PERSONAL COLLECTIBLES HERE ON E-BAY in order to raise extra money to Live on.THANK-YOU FOR YOUR HELP !!! YOUR BID AND/OR BUY-IT-NOW OPTION PRICE HEREBY ENTERS YOU INTO THIS ELECTRONIC CONTRACT WITH THE ABOVE STATED AND LISTED TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS SALE. SHOWING YOU WHAT THE SHIPPING & HANDLING WILL BE ON THIS PACKAGE, with “YOUR CHOICE” of USPS or FEDEX will costs . YOUR CLICKING THE BUY / PURCHASE AND/OR BIDDING BUTTON,,, HERE NOW and HERE AFTER AGREEING TO BUY THIS ITEM AS-IS,,, AS RECEIVED,,, AND HEREBY STATES AND ACKNOWLEDGES YOUR COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF THIS SALE AND WILL HEREBY AND HEREAFTER AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE TERMS AND THE CONDITIONS,,, AS-IS AS STATED. “IF” you cannot accept the above seller terms and AS-IS Conditions then please do not buy it or BID on it. CHECKOUT MY FEEDBACK FROM PAST eBay SATISFIED BUYERS. GIVE SOMEONE ELSE THE CHANCE TO ACCEPT IT AS-IS, AS A BARGAIN, AT THIS DISCOUNTED CLOSEOUT PRICE.THANK-YOU IN ADVANCE OF YOUR COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING TO THESE RULES AND CONDITIONS !!! We are also showing you what the USPS USA mailing with the USPS tracking number,,, on this GUITAR will cost and the CARDBOARD BOX, we use as our packaging. WE reserve the right to exchange boxes based on your regional ZIP-CODE postal service address,,, this will NOT effect the end postage prices shipping costs,,, merely the actual SIZE of the box I choose.Because we know that you know there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE SHIPPING,,, we show you the actual cost,,, what you are paying for and how we arrived at it by the NEW 2019 USPS postage rates. Someone has to pay the POSTAGE fee, and for the packaging products we use,,, these items or things are NOT actually supplied for free to us,,, LOL,,, just the box. *** AND with us you know exactly what you are getting for your prices paid,,, and NOT having to assume what you are getting for FREE. I bet its NOT as good as we do ??? Look at our feedback and see I have been an E-bay member since 2001. WE explain and show you what you are getting and how much it costs !!! FED-EX is an option for shipping !!! UPS brown was “NOT” an option,,, much higher shipping costs. I am an OLD MAN with the shakes and tri-focals I reserve the right to make errors,,, TYPO’s ,,,”BUT” PLEASE before hanging me out to dry,,, PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE email or message me thru this Listing about your questions or concerns before buying. BECAUSE once you have made a commitment to purchase eBay themselves will “NOT” let the advertisement be changed,,, altered or amended. IT IS THEN A DONE DEAL !!! Thank-you for L@@KING at all of our CLOSEOUT MUSICAL MERCHANDISE IN OTHER E-BAY ADVERTISEMENTS.