Yamaha Electric Guitar - SA800 ModelYamaha Electric Guitar - SA800 Model

In the Eighties Yamaha made an all-out effort to compete with Gibson. Their strategy was to over-engineer their guitars and offer better value for money. The result are thousands of Yamaha guitars that have stood the test of time splendidly and are now seasoned instruments, which delight knowledgeable players, especially with the SG/SA model series. This model is a great alternative to a Gibson 335. This guitar is more than thirty years old with a fully seasoned semi-hollow body and a fast neck. Functionally is equivalent to a 60’s style 335: it has not coil splits or fancy electronics, just two volume and two tone knobs and a three-way switch. I replaced the pretty good original pickups with TV Jones Classic, which suit this type of guitar very well. It can cover from jazz to rock quite easily. Cosmetically is 9.9 out of ten, with small scratches on the edge of the head-stock, the kind you see once and never notice again. It is in remarkably good condition for a guitar this age. It comes with original Yamaha case.