1971 Marshall 50 Watt Tube Head1971 Marshall 50 Watt Tube Head

This amp is in good condition & sounds phenomenal! I have owned a bunch and this one straight in turned up is classic rock all the way. THis amp sounds great at low volumes as well. While it’s getting more difficult to find any of these hand wired Marshall models (they aren’t making 1971 amps anymore :) ), make no mistake, it is not all original. I made a clip of this on youtube, look for 71 marshall 50 watts with master volume by Mike Williams.In 2007 the power transformer was blown & a Voodoo Amps custom Mercury Magnetics power transformer was installed in its place. Screen grid resistors were then also added to the amp as was a PPMV master volume control. Voodoo Amps also did a cap job on this amp. For whatever its worth, I do have the old caps from this amp in a ziplock bag that I will send along with the amplifier. All of these repairs were done back in December 2007/January 2008, prior to me owning the amp, though I do have the receipts for the work that was done. Somewhere over the years a detachable power cord jack was also installed. The ohm selector has been set to 16 ohms, a screw was put through the selector to keep it in place at 16 ohms & this was marked on a sticker on the back of the chassis also. Last year I had the bright cap removed from the amp, but it will be included in a little baggie inside the amp head in case you wish to reinstall it.Interesting Yngwie Malmsteen connection/back story:In the past, Yngwie’s amp of choice was usually a Marshall JMP 50 head from 1971/2, and on occasions, he had up to 36 of them on stage. “Supposedly” this was one of those amps used on stage as a visual. Lending some credence to that story is the large orange label inside the head that says STAGE RIGHT AMPS 5 as well as an “E” label on the outside of the chassis. The back panel was removed (and subsequently lost of course). There is also a Sam Ash Music Store from Miami Lakes Florida sticker inside the amp that someone wrote/imprinted a date from 1999 on (it’s pretty tough to read what the month & day are). Someone had Yngwie autograph the top of the amp in 2005. So if you connect the dots (Yngwie’s choice of amp model & production year, the stage placement label, the Sam Ash label from Miami, and his autograph) it lends some credibility to that background story. Again, there is no way to know for absolute certain if this story is 100% accurate. Then again, if you’re not an Yngwie fan then you probably don’t care at all. In mid 1971 Marshall began migrating their hand wired JMP 50 amplifiers from the small box head cabinet to the larger 100 watt style head cabinets like this one. Marshall deleted the vent screen on the top of the cabinet for the JMP50 amplifiers. Small box JMP 50 amplifiers can be found into 1972, however, the majority of the late 1971-73 JMP 50 amplifiers are the large box versions like this one.There are certainly some knicks and cuts & evidence of wear on the tolex of this head, but overall it’s in pretty decent shape for being 44 years old. Looks like some of the chassis bolts have been changed out over the years. You’ll see in the pictures that a fair amount of the print is worn off of the control panel, in fact someone has written in marker over the control pots for the lead channel & normal channels and even that has worn off quite a bit. The back panel is from a 100 watter, but keeps the tubes safe. There is a little open space.Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchase as there will be no returns accepted for any reason. Shipping will be available only to the lower 48 United States.