65Amps Lil Elvis Head and 1x12 Cabinet with Flight Cases!65Amps Lil Elvis Head and 1x12 Cabinet with Flight Cases!

The Lil Elvis is one of the best all tube amps on the market that can sound great even at a moderate volume. It is a loud 15W and sounds in between a Vox and a Marshall. https://youtu.be/fAm20JEBOTQ Has a great vibrato and also a ‘bump’ boost that is footswitchable. I changed out the original speaker with a two rock 12 inch that had a lot better low-end response. This thing sounds amazing! The amp comes with flight cases and it is completely free from any dings or rips. I just moved into a new house and my studio space is much smaller so I am forced to get rid of this amp plus a lot of other great gear. Please check out my other auctions!