Bedrock 1200 series AmpBedrock 1200 series Amp

Bedrock 1200 series head with new Cabinet. Thanks for checking out my Bedrock head. The 1200 is a 50 watt amp, but is nearly as loud as my Marshall 100 watt head. These have been a favorite amp for live shows and recording. Bedrock 1200 “Marshall Killer” Head. This amp was known as the Marshall Killer and is still a favorite of players like Joe Perry and Earl Slick. Back in 1990, Bedrock amps were designed to run the power tube voltage. I’ve had 4 Bedrock amps and the 1200 is my favorite model. It comes with a two button footswitch for the Reverb and Gain portion of the amp. Using the pedal will give you added Gain and treble ( Marshall on Steroids) or just pull the volume switch out on the front the amp. These came with a typical black cabinet that is stock. My tolex was pretty rough, so Shawn Mason of Shadow Amplification made a new cabinet for it and it looks great. Check out his amps as well if you get chance. This amp will USPS priority insured. Thanks for looking and please check out my other auctions.