Bogner Alchemist 112 20W/40W 12Bogner Alchemist 112 20W/40W 12

For sale is a slightly used Bogner Alchemist 112 combo tube amp with built-in delay and reverb and switchable from 20-40 watts on the front panel. I have used this amp for country/rock and it works like a charm. It has two channels, a very functional footswitch that uses a standard XLR cable for connection. This amp will go from country twang to gritty Vox like sounds with ease and takes pedals extremely well. Everything works as it should and it is cosmetically in very good condition. Tubes are fresh with very little time on them. Shipping will be a flat rate of $75 anywhere in the lower 48. No international shipping. Factory specs below. Bogner Alchemist 112 Guitar Combo AmpThe Bogner Alchemist 112 delivers professional, beautiful, complex tone no matter what style or rig you throw at it. The Alchemist 112 is an open-back single speaker combo, with two channels and two different gain voicings within each channel. The array of 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes allow for a gamut of tones, running the range of classic California clean to molten lava Bogner shred, from Vox chime to classic British crunch. It also includes footswitchable Reverb (Plate, Hall, and Room) and Delay (Ducking, Analog, and Tape) in parallel to ensure the utmost in signal quality, and the delay is even treated to an onboard Tap Tempo momentary button. The effects sound phenomenal — you’ll be able to ditch your pedalboard and bring just the Alchemist 112 out to a gig and still nail the tones you would usually tote your whole board along to achieve. At this price point you might have expected Bogner to skimp on the speaker, but skimp he did not — the Bogner Alchemist 112’s onboard speaker is absolutely top-notch, being the world-renowned 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30.Two Channels to Hold YouWithin the the Bogner Alchemist 112’s two channels, you’re liable to find any and every tone you’re likely to need as a guitarist, from the cleanest of clean to the hottest of high gain. And unlike many other full-range tube amplifiers, the Alchemist 112 offers an extremely gradual gain curve, allowing seamless transitions from channel to channel without any pops or unforeseen volume peaks or valleys. Plus, each of the Bogner Alchemist 112’s channels has a selection of mini toggle switches for tailoring your tone to your playing style in situation, with Deep, Bright, Mid, and Punch switches handling the brunt of the duty.Four Buttons, One FootswitchThe Bogner Alchemist 112’s included tank-like footswitch combines the best of both form and function. The four buttons allow for switching between the Gold and Mercury channels, initiating a Boost within each channel, and toggling both of the internal reverbs and delays. That boost function is actually quite interesting, as it works differently depending on what channel you’re on. When using the clean channel, the boost works like you might normally expect, simply adding a few decibels of power to your tone to put you over the top. However, when on the Alchemist 112’s Mercury channel, the boost adds a whole different dimension to your tone — instead of just making it louder, the boost actually thickens up some of the ever-important mid and upper-mid frequencies, perfect for cutting your solos through the full band mix. Rounding out the list of thoughtful features, the footswitch included with the Bogner Alchemist 112 utilizes an included XLR to XLR cable — rather than using some sort of proprietary multi-pin behemoth, Reinhold opted instead to use a cable instantly accessible to anyone in a pinch.If you need a professional-level amp with a huge selection of onboard tones and are having a hard time justifying dropping the coin for some of the other boutique amps out there, give the Bogner Alchemist 112 a shot — it’ll put a spell on you.