Bogner Alchemist 212 Combo Excellent Condition.Bogner Alchemist 212 Combo Excellent Condition.

Excellent condition. One small dent in cabinet which happened at the music store where I bought it. They had bumped it with another amp. Home use only, it hasn’t been out of my house since I bought it. I replaced the speakers with a Celestion Hot 100, and a WGS ET65. They sound very similar to the O.E. Celestion 30 watt pair it came with, but have higher power handling capability. The power tubes are new JJ’s with less than one hour of use. Two of the 12AX7′s have also just been replaced, so you should expect no tube trouble of any kind for quite some time. This rig sounds amazing. Absolutely blew away my Vox AC30, and my buddy’s hand wired AC30. Much more clean headroom than the Vox or an Orange Rockerverb 30. It will be carefully packaged in an oversize carton with hard foam padding for shipping. O.E. speakers are not available. Buy with confidence, quality assured.