Celestion T3904A Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker 16ohmCelestion T3904A Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker 16ohm

Please disregard the “Item specifics” section in this listing, the following info below is most accurate: Celestion T3904A Vintage 30 Guitar Speakers – 16ohm version. Condition is Used. Shipping will be FedEx Ground Selling 4 speakers, used less than 30 hours!! Had these mounted in one of my 4×12 cabs for the past 2 years but used sparingly, purchased through Parts Express- I have a couple other Celestion variants that suit my tastes, and these were purchased to compare and contrast. Someone BUY THESE and put ’em to use!! If this is your speaker, you’ll be getting a product at 50% off the new retail price but like new nonetheless – THEY’RE 100% functional, no warps or speaker terminal damage Will be well packaged for safe shipping – (‘.’)