Dr Z Maz Jr Combo AmpDr Z Maz Jr Combo Amp

Very nice Dr Z Maz Jr with reverb — a very sought after amp. Superb sound with all single coil pickups (very popular with Strat and Tele players), but also killer sounds with humbuckers. The cut knob allows you to easily tweak the amp to match the type of pickup you are using. Easy to use controls, tons of great sounds, and a VERY loud 18 watts. This amp sounds fantastic cranked or at lower volumes. Lush reverb, nice Weber speaker. Used but in very good condition — no dents or knicks. Was just professionally re-tubed by local amp tech. Also has kickstands so you can tilt the amp back for extra projection when playing out. Takes pedals very well — just a great amp overall. Includes extra tubes and fuses. Not easy to find used, and the new price is almost $2,000 on these! I just have too many amps and don’t play out enough to justify having all of them.