Echopark Clarence 1x12 AmplifierEchopark Clarence 1x12 Amplifier

Echopark Clarence 1×12 9E1A All Tube Hand Wired Combo Guitar Amplifier. Circuit: 9E1A Circuit Type: Class A single ended Speaker: Echopark/WGS Custom 12″ Alnico Speaker Watts: 6 clean – 9 pushed Power Tube: 6V6 Pre Tube: 12AX7 Rectifier Tube: 5AR4 Controls: Volume, Tone Inputs: High and Low Other: 2 speaker outputs Custom Levant & grillcloth Hand stiched US made blue leather handle Size – 21″x19″x9″ 31lbs. Power Transformer replaced with Classic Tone From Echopark marketing: Classic Tweed era creaminess with a massive original 50’s Magnatoneinspired voice. But bathed in 100% Echopark soul !! Reminiscent of the best low watt Magnatone’s and Harvards ever produced A must have for studio recording and small gigs where refined Tweed and Valco tones are in demand.