Extension Guitar Speaker Cabinet,12Extension Guitar Speaker Cabinet,12

Cosmetically if you like things to look their best, some goo-gone, a brush & foaming bubbles will clean 80%+ of what’s on, off. I started to do it, but figured someone out there would rather have a better price & clean it themselves (if you win the auction & want me to clean it, I will , but I will have to charge for my time. Nice size, not as heavy as a Mesa Boogie, but all the right ingredients as previously said. Tolex is in very good condition with very little tearing. Back is slightly recessed & had a plastic circular cord keeper. The cord keeper would only hold about a 4 foot cord & would have ruined a good cord, since it was circular & only about the size of a nickel. Starting wrapping a cord down that small & its going to start breaking internally quick. The screw that mounted it was made to come thru the small hole in the rear you see,which can be filled if you actually think you can hear an opening about the size of a pencil. i USED IT WITH MY mesa boogie nomad and a class ‘A” 18 watt and a traynor ycv40. I kinda know how things should sound, owning shops over 25 ish years andstarted playing at 5 & the shop at 19 and am a pd. sound engineer also. been playing over 40 years. You will like it , especially for the money, or you could spend more and get an empty cab you have to get covered.I have another 1-12 ext.a 2×12, 2 -4×12’s, so I have finally decided I can part with one. I play with uip to 3 amps at once, the center carrying the leslie effects and diff verbs from the other 2 combos. The mesa triple rec and the old 4 input Marshall I use for different things and even the old 410 Kustom gets some work. The grill has drip edge molding that reminds you of the mid 60’s Fender Silver drip edges of the grills. Size Specs: Height = 15 inches, Width (Front to Rear) = 12″ Length (L to R) = 18 Whether you need an inexpensive cabinet to hold the new in vogue 5-20 watt heads, or you need to have a cab on the other side of the stage so your band mates can hear or you want to run stereo, or use the cab facing back at you as an instrument only monitor, this guy will do the job at a more than reasonable price & is not a press wood china, who knows what, (reguardless of what brand is affixed to that production run), you will have a 1- 12″ cab made of, built like we have been using for the last 50 years and it sounds correct. Thanks & enjoy. Pay Pal Preferred . Seller reserves right to end auction.Failure to pay will result in negative feedback for buyer and Ebay Non Paying Buyer Claim filed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL Buyer is asked to have +8 feedback rating to bid. If you have positive feedback of less than 8, email prior to bidding.do not bid if you have less than 97+ percent postive feedback rating. no sale to bidders with all neg. feedback. your bid will be cancelled.payment is expected quickly, so be prepared to pay if you buy. just like at any retail store.thanks We ship to Paypal Confirmed addresses only, through USPS! We only ship to the 48 contiguous states. Potential buyers from Hawaii or Alaska or Canada will need to email us prior to bidding for a shipping quote. International Shipping is on an item to item basis therefore if you are international we ask that you email us your address prior to bidding for us to get you a shipping estimate.USPS is preferred by most International buyers because they are 40-60% cheaper.If there is ever a return buyer pays return shipping,insurance,delivery confirmation,packs it as well as it was when shipped,which is a serious overpack and a 20 percent restocking fee. we have been ebay sellers for over 13 yrs. so we do properly describe items. we have had less than 4 returns in 13 years- so buy with confidence.!