Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40w 1x12Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40w 1x12

THE AMP Mint condition upgraded to Jensen C12n speaker perfect speaker for this amp, giving it a natural classic Fender tone this amp will give you that twin tweed growl dirty and that classic fender when clean tone. I am including with this amp the JHS antinuator a must have for this amp …..even at 2 it’s too loud for small venues and home use. I’ve played at a lot of different venues lots of different sizes with lots of different amps. And this is by far the best workhorse amp on the planet especially bigger venues, the louder this amp is the sweeter it sounds and the happier you are that you own it…again that’s why an antinuator is a must. I have friends who travel all over and we all have this amp…. Most of the guys try to buy a more expensive amp but always end up back with the Fender BD because you can’t beat what they can do especially at high volume. THE PEDALS It’s taken 5 years of weeding through hundreds of pedals to come up with this awesome rig. It pains me to sell this stuff, but I am a worship leader and do so for a living and 99% play with an acoustic, and I am in need of a higher end acoustic guitar. Pedals include: *Catalinbread RAH *JHS Banana Boost *EHX Memory Toy *Hardwire Supernatural *Mojo Hand FX Zephyr *Ernie Ball volume pedal ALL PEDALS ARE IN MINT CONDITION *EHX Soul Food Will not be selling anything separate except the amp. Posted with eBay Mobile