Fender Pro Junior 15-watt amplifierFender Pro Junior 15-watt amplifier

Fender Pro Junior 15-watt amplifier with stock 30-watt 10″ model V1030 speaker, ser. no B-287128.  Plays fine.  However the volume pot needs cleaning and the nut is missing from the guitar jack.  Comes with an excellent custom padded case, set of replacement tubes, and an upgrade kit including all caps, a replacement guitar jack, and instructions.  This is one of the many projects I have not completed.  It plays fine as is but could use a volume pot cleaning (scratchy when turning but good in any position), and a securing nut on the guitar jack.  See the photos for more information on the replacement parts.  The tubes in the amp are the stock Fender tubes.  Free delivery to the North San Francisco Bay area.  For shipping, tube will be removed and wrapped, and the amp will be well padded.