Fender Tweed Champ 5f1 Clone (mojotone)Fender Tweed Champ 5f1 Clone (mojotone)

Up for sale is a clone of a Fender Tweed Champ, put together as a kit from Mojotone a couple of years ago. Nominal power output is 5 watts, but it’s really very loud when cranked up. I’ve upgraded many of the components here (resistors, wiring board, wire, etc.) and have built this from a kit. It includes the Mojotone 8″ American Vintage AV8C/ 4ohm 15 Watts speaker, which is really very good. It is point-to-point hand wired. I’ve had lots of experience building kits, having been a ham radio operator since age 11 (now 50) and am an Electrical Engineer. Note that the 5F1 circuit will yield a bit of 60 Hz hum in the speaker, and this one is no different. The Tweed Champ is renown for being a great recording and practice amp. It has only one control, the volume knob. At low levels it’s as clean as can be, and breaks up nicely as you turn the volume up. The tubes are virtually new, and it has a JJ 5Y3 tube rectifier, a JJ 12AX7, and a JJ 6V6. It is completely safe to operate, but if you decide to open the cover, you should know that the high voltages present in this or any other vacuum tube equipment can kill you, even if the amplifier has been turned off. So don’t do it unless you know how to discharge capacitors safely and you know what you’re doing. Replacing the tubes can be done without removing the cover. The cabinet is great looking and very sturdy. It’s hard to set an asking price on these types of items, so I’ve priced it according to the amount I have spent on the components. If you want to build one of these, you’ll be getting the labor for free. Thanks for looking.