Gallien-krueger 2000 Cpl Stereo Guitar Preamp HeadGallien-krueger 2000 Cpl Stereo Guitar Preamp Head

This GK Stereo Guitar Preamp was used in my home studio along with others in a smoke free climate controlled environment. All knobs, LEDs and I/O are in good working order. (Includes power cable.) I relied upon this heavily to get that Rush Moving Pictures and Grace Under Pressure sound and it did a remarkable job back in the late-80s and early 90s. It has a few cosmetic scratches on the housing which doesn’t impact its functionality. This is built like a tank from real sheet metal; no flimsy plastics here. Excellent Tone! Gallien Krueger 2000CPL Stereo Preamp, in good working condition. Excellent clean channel and the overdrive is sweet and singing, NOT the grungy, fuzzy sound of most other amps and preamps. If you are reading this, you probably know how good this preamp sounds. Dual Channel 4 Band Active EQ per Channel, Noise Gate, Chorus, Reverb, Compression and Extra Gain Boost in the Overdrive Channel (all are foot switchable except the noise gate) The Active 4 band EQ for each channel is extremely effective, creating a wide variety of tone shaping. Low, Low Mid, High Mid and High. These tone controls really work! The Gain button makes this preamp like a 3 channel unit. The back has 1/4′ and XLR outputs for Left and Right and an Effects Loop.