Goodsell Super 17 Mark iV Guitar Amp (2014) - 17 watts - Handmade BoutiqueGoodsell Super 17 Mark iV Guitar Amp (2014) - 17 watts - Handmade Boutique

Goodsell Super 17 Mark IV Guitar Amp – 17 watts – Handmade Boutique. Condition is Used. I am the original owner of this 2014 model, signed by Rich Goodsell himself. A beautiful hand made/hand wired combo amplifier. This amp gets plenty loud and can probably play small to medium sized venues without being mic’d. This amplifier has never left my smoke-free/pet-free home. As you can tell by the photo’s, it shows no real cosmetic wear and is in fantastic condition. I have used it very sparingly over the last few years, and have kept it in great shape. The only reason I am selling it is because it’s too loud for my current living space.. and I don’t like the idea of buying an attenuator or power soak. Amp controls include a Mid-Switch (switchable mid-range response on the pre amp), Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, and one of the best sounding Tremelo’s I have ever heard come out of an amp. Full disclosure on the reverb… I would call it, even at its max level, a very ‘mild’ reverb. You aren’t going to get ‘surf’ reverb with this unit. I think this was the intent, but; I was happy with it the way it was and never asked the manufacturer. Short description from the manufacturer: “The Super 17 Mark IV This is the current version of the one that started at all. With the exact same circuit as the very first unit, the 17 now boasts standard spring reverb, award-winning bias-vary tremolo, and a cathode-follower powered tone stack that doesn’t detract one iota from the original’s sparkly character. With new bass and treble controls and a 3-way midrange switch, the Mark IV is as friendly with humbuckers as it is single coils. EL84 power tubes, GZ34 rectifier, three 12AX7s and a 12AU7. Standard speaker is the Goodsell RGH by WGS, and is strikingly similar to the G12H30” You get the combo amp, the power cord, and the foot-switch (sorry forgot to add photo of foot switch. It is included, I just forgot to put it with the amp when I was taking pictures. The foot-switch is in flawless condition, I never used it). Please feel free to ask questions, and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Lower US 48 onlyFree Shipping (UPS Ground, insured)