Krank Revolution Plus 120 Watt HeadKrank Revolution Plus 120 Watt Head

The best amp Krank built !!! 6550 power section!!!

The Rev+ was originally called Revolution in its former version, and had 100W with 4×5881 output tubes.This updated model has 4×6550’s delivering 120W and an extra Boost switchon the Kleen channel. The preamp section has 4x12AX7’s.The layout is fairly simple and is the same as the previous version.2 channels, Kleen (clean) and Krank(lead). Starting with the the Kleen channel, offering a Volume, mid, treble and bass knob, and also the Boost switch, which gives a bit more bluesy/sweet overdrive gain to the clean channel.The Krank channel offers Presence, Sweep, bass, midrange, treble, Master 1 and 2, and finally Gain. The two Masters are switchable by the included footswitch, giving the choice of setting two different volumes.The “sweep” knob acts as a kind of parametric working together with the midrange which really gives you different flavors. Currently has a Premium set of Tungsol 6550’s and Gold pin 12AX7’s in the amplifier. This is over a $240 investment on its own. Ships with 2 button footswitch. The Peavey 5150 pictured isn’t apart of this listing nor is it for sale. This is only to give reference to the size of the Krank Revolution Plus head on top the 5150.(3rd picture)