Line 6 Flextone Iii Xl Guitar Amp With Fbv ShortboardLine 6 Flextone Iii Xl Guitar Amp With Fbv Shortboard

This Flextone III has been well taken care of. It’s in close to new condition with the exception of a few small blemishes as seen in the first pic (on the top edge in front of the left side of the handle). This is where my brother’s cat Jackass, decided to claw it. Other than that everything’s as good as new. Everything is fully functioning and it sounds good cranked or at apartment friendly levels. This has an array of amp and cab models you can use to dial in just about any sound. The Line 6 website even has a tone base of factory and user uploaded settings. I’ll throw in a midi to usb cable needed to get you going. I’ll leave the full technical specs to the line 6 website at (below). I’m selling the 2×12 150 watt XL. The amp and board cost about $1,000 new and are still in very good condition. The amp to floorboard cord is included as well as the original instruction manual in fair to good condition. I’ll have to clean the dust off the shortboard but a few scratches wouldn’t surprise me, but nothing major. It’s spent a lot of time on the floor after all. Let me know if you’re interested or have any questions. From Line 6: Product Description From the Manufacturer The Line 6 Flextone III XL 212 Combo Amp has a Powerful 150-watt stereo power amp, a 2×12 touring quality cabinet, and features award-winning Point-to-Point modeling technology with 32 Vetta-based amp models, 16 Mix ‘n’ Match Speaker Cab options, and 12 Effects based on line 6’s award-winning stompbox modelers. It also features Stereo XLR direct outputs, and MIDI compatibility allowing access to deep editing and the CustomTone dot com library. The Flextone™ III series of amplifiers fuses premium amp and effects tone with the simplicity and power of a classic combo amp. Our goal was to give you everything you’d need to gig, record, or tour the world. The all new Flextone III features 32 fanatically modeled amp tones from the POD® XT, effects adapted from our award-winning MM4™ and DL4™ stomp box modelers, 3 classic Reverb types, and our exclusive A.I.R. II direct recording technology. Put it all together and you’ve got an entire amp rig: dressed up to look and feel like a vintage combo. With Flextone, you get amazing “sweet spot” amp tone in the studio and on stage at any volume. Time to get serious about your tone. Amps & Cabs: Flextone™ III’s soul is its remarkable collection of Amp and Cabinet models—resulting from our meticulous study of a dream collection of vintage and modern amplifiers and cabinets. Flextone III features 32 groundbreaking amp models built from the same amp technology found in our flagship Vetta amplifier. We’ve even added all new models based on* a 1963 Fender® Vibroverb, Bogner Extacy, Cornford mk50h, and a 1985 Marshall® Silver Jubilee. Amp Models based on*: Roland® Jazz Chorus 120 Hiwatt® 1973 Custom 100 Fender® 1964 Deluxe Reverb® Fender® 1953 Deluxe Reverb® Fender® 1958 Bassman® Fender® 1963 Vibroverb Fender® 1965 Twin Reverb® Budda 2001 Twinmaster Matchless® 1996 Chieftain Cornford 2002 mk50h Vox® 1967 AC-30TB Vox® 1961 AC-15 Marshall® 1966 JTM-45 Marshall® 1968 Super Bass Marshall® 1968 Super Lead Marshall® 1987 Super Jubilee Marshall® 1987 JCM 800 Marshall® 2003 JCM 2000 Soldano® 1993 SLO-100 Mesa/Boogie® 2001 Dual Rectifier® Mesa/Boogie® 2001 Triple Rectifier® Bogner 2002 Extacy Gibson® 1960 GA-18 Explorer Supro® 1960’s S6616 Cabinet Models based on*: 1×10 Gibson® 1×12 1961 Vox® AC-15 1×12 1964 Fender® Blackface Deluxe Reverb® 2×10 Fender® 1963 Vibroverb 2×12 1965 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb® 2×12 1995 Matchless® Chieftain 2×12 Roland® JC-120 2X12 1967 Vox® AC-30 4×10 1959 Fender® Bassman® 4×12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks 4×12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks 4×12 1978 Marshall® with stock 70s 4×12 1996 Marshall® with Vintage 30s 4×12 Mesa/Boogie® Against our accountant’s better judgment, we took the liberty of adapting a bunch of great stomp box models from our MM4™ Modulation Modeler and DL4™ Delay Modeler pedals, and stuffed them all into your Flextone™ III. You’ll get instant access to models based on* the Maestro® EP-1 Echoplex, Roland® Space Echo, Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, MXR® Phase 90, Uni-Vibe, and Leslie® 145. There’s even a dedicated Compressor and Gate. Delay Effects based on*: EP-1 Tube Echoplex Roland® RE-101 Space Echo Deluxe Memory Man Digital Delay Ping Pong Delay Sweep Echo Modulation Effects based on*: Tremolo Chorus A/DA Flanger MXR® Phase 90 2×10 Fender® Vibroverb Uni-Vibe Leslie® 145 Reverb Types: Spring Room Plate Flextone™ III Extras Flextone™ III is Custom Tone Ready. CustomTone(dot)com is our online library of Tone exclusively for Line 6 products. Line 6 has made a unique investment by professionally programming thousands of Tones matched to the signature sounds of some of the greatest guitarists, bands, songs and guitar gear of all time, and making all that Tone available to you for free at CustomTone(dot)com. There’s also a User library where you can submit your own Tones and grab Tones created by Line 6 users around the world. Flextone™ III Frequently Asked Questions: Are the FX taken from the stomp modelers? The premium Effects are taken from POD® XT. They include models of based on the Echoplex, Space Echo, Uni-Vibe, Phase 90 and others. Is it loud? The Flextone™ III uses an all new power amp developed for Vetta™ II, and refined for Duoverb®. This new amp has a whole lot more headroom, (thanks to a much bigger transformer) for improved dynamic response, and models the way a tube power amp interacts with a speaker cabinet. Combined you get a punchier, more organic and toneful experience. Any new amp models? Oh yeah. Check out new models based on* the Marshall® Silver Jubilee head, Cornford mk50h, and ’63 Fender® Tweed Vibroverb. Does it jive w/ the old Floorboard™ and FB4™? Sorry, new FBV™ and FBV Shortboard™ only. Can I transfer my Flex II/Pod 2.0 sounds to it? Yes. That’s just the beginning of things that you can do with Line 6 Edit™ and CustomTone(dot)com. Go to www.customtone(dot)com to get all the details! What are the dimensions of the Flextone III amps? Flextone™ III, Plus, and Cab: 24″ x 18″ x 11″ Flextone™ III XL: 29″ x 21″ x 11″ What’s new in the update? The cabinet models are completely re-voiced. The direct outputs have been redone using new models of some of the best mics and pre-amps on the planet. The added authenticity, clarity and tone that these world class front ends provide is simply incredible. The U-Vibe and Rotary models have been tweaked up! The U-Vibe got its lumpiness back, and the Rotary had its bottom end cleaned up. The Diamond Plate model had a small tweak to improve the authenticity of the bottom end. The model based on the JCM2000 TSL was replaced with a model of the JCM2000 DSL with a few special tone tricks. The rig we modeled belongs to Matt Scanell from Vertical Horizon. It is his studio rig, for which he takes out a duplicate set live. The JCM800 model was replaced with a model of a 80’s-era 100W JCM800 with a simple Bogner mod for high gain. The amp we modeled sounds incredible. This is just some of what you get when you update your Flextone III. How much does the update cost? Nothing! How long does is take? It takes about 10 minutes to complete the update. How do I get it? Just search and download the Flextone III updater at the Line 6 website! * All product names used in this webpage are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development.