Line 6 Pod X3 Live Multi-effects Guitar Effect PedalLine 6 Pod X3 Live Multi-effects Guitar Effect Pedal

BEST PRICE ON EBAY….PRICED TO SELL !Minimum Studio use, never gigged, like new condition…GREAT SOUNDS and Flexibility ! No Original box and No power supply. ready to plug in and wail ! Detailed item info from the Mfgr:Product InformationSet the stage on fire with the Pod X3 Live that helps you strum any sound imaginable. From high-wattage heavyweights to boutique beauties and vintage treasures, this Line 6 Pod X3 features an expanded array of 78 guitar amps. This Line 6 guitar pedal’s large LCD and smart editing workflow pages make tweaking and saving tones easier. For best live signal, the Pod X3 Live features stereo XLR balanced line outputs. Combine the acoustic and electric guitar models of your Variax with the amps, cabs, and effects of Line 6 Pod X3 using a digital Variax connection. The detailed and sturdy body of the Pod X3 Live offers solid feel and control. Furthermore, the stunning rugged brushed-aluminum body of this Line 6 guitar pedal adds extra zing. Product IdentifiersBrandLine 6ModelPod X3 Live Key FeaturesTypeMulti-EffectsPower Supply Line 6 POD X3 Live Fantastic value! Includes original materials, boxes, and books. Great condition. Has minor scratches otherwise excellent. Condition: Shows small signs of typical use but nothing major. Works and sounds great. No issues! Used in smoke-free and pet-free home. Has some removable velcro under unit. Includes original box, shipping carton, book, info cards, and power supply. POD® X3 Features 1/4-inch Instrument Input (w/ Normal/Pad switch) XLR Microphone Input (w/ Trim Adjust) S/PDIF Stereo Digital Audio output Stereo 1/4-inch Line outputs (with Amp/Line Pad switch) Stereo XLR Balanced Line outputs 1/4-inch stereo effect loop Variax Digital Connector 1/4-inch Expression Pedal input Midi In & Out/Thru 1/4-inch stereo headphones out Pedal 2 input for optional second Expression Pedal Controller 1/8-inch Stereo (CD/MP3) Jam Along input Massive model set for guitar, bass & vocals 78 guitar amp models 24 guitar cab models 98 stompbox and studio effects 28 bass amp models 22 bass cab models 6 vocal preamp models A.I.R.™ II cab/mic modeling with 4 mic options each POD Farm plug-in, a free download, provides all models in Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VST® compatible formats Expansive Backlit LCD display 8 Chrome “Amp Control” Knobs: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, Tone Volume, Master Volume Metal Tap Tempo/Tuner footswitch 5 metal stompbox On/Off footswitches: Amp, Stomp, Mod, Delay, Comp/Boost Built-in heavy-duty Wah/Volume/Expression pedal Dedicated Bank Up/Down & A/B/C/D metal footswitches for preset selection Dedicated “Dual Tone” control metal footswitch 5 Context-Sensitive Parameter Edit knobs Dedicated Input/Output configuration buttons Ground Lift switch Rugged, stage-ready design with premium metal footswitches Send guitar through two complete Amp/Effect signal chains simultaneously Independent Tone Processing for 1/4-inch and XLR inputs 2 chrome handlebars USB 2.0 Multi-Channel digital computer recording (Stereo Wet/Dry Per Input) Studio-quality 24-bit A/D and D/A Converters and 32-bit floating point processing Up to 9 Simultaneous Effects Per Signal Chain, with Pre & Post amp routing Tap Tempo control for time-based effects Precision Chromatic Tuner, with Audio Mute & Bypass options USB 2.0 Cable included No External Power Adapter included MIDI lets you automate every move POD X3 Amp Models based on*: “Wide panel” Fender® Deluxe Reverb® Fender® Bassman® Fender® Deluxe Reverb® Vox® AC-30 Marshall® Super Lead Marshall® Super Lead (“jumped” channels) Roland® JC-120 Marshall® JCM-800 Soldano SLO-100 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Marshall® 1974X (18W Reissue) Orange AD30TC L6 Treadplate L6 Chemical X L6 Insane L6 Piezacoustic 2 L6 Spinal Puppet L6 Tube Instrument Preamp Bogner Uberschall Cornford mk50h Diezel VH4-Lead Diezel Herbert ENGL® Powerball Marshall® Silver Jubilee Marshall® JCM-900-Clean Marshall® JCM-900-Dist Marshall® JCM-2000 Mesa/Boogie® Triple Rectifier® Peavey® 5150 II® Bogner Ecstasy Diezel VH4-Crunch Fender® Vibroverb Fender® Dual Showman® Head Marshall® JMP-1 Vox® AC-15 Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc+ Fender® Bassman® Head Gretsch® 6156 Fender® Mini Twin Reverb® Gibson® GA-18 Explorer® Marshall® Super Bass Marshall® Major Silvertone® Twin Twelve Supro® Thunderbolt Vox® Fawn Non-Top Boost AC30 Dumble® Clean Soldano SP88 Marshall® JCM 2000 Marshall® Super Lead Variac Matchless DC-30 Blackface Fender® Twin Reverb® Marshall® “Block Logo” JTM-45 head Matchless Chieftain Supro® S6616 Fender® Tweed Champ® Hiwatt® DR-103 L6 Big Bottom L6 Fuzz L6 Octone L6 Smash L6 Sparkle Clean L6 Throttle L6 Clean L6 Mood L6 Agro L6 Class A L6 Variax Acoustic L6 JTS 45 L6 Lunatic L6 Bayou L6 Crunch L6 Purge L6 Sparkle L6 Super Clean L6 SuperSpark L6 Twang L6 Chunk Chunk Budda® Twinmaster 2×12 Combo POD X3 Cabinet Models based on*: 6×9 Supro S6616 1×8 1961 Fender® Tweed Champ® 1×10 Gibson® 1×10 Gretsch® 6156 1×12 Line 6® 1×12 1953 Fender® Tweed Deluxe Reverb® 1×12 1964 Fender® Blackface Deluxe Reverb® 1×12 1960 Vox® AC-15 1X15 1962 Supro Thunderbolt 2×2 Fender® Mini Twin Reverb® 2×12 Line 6® 2×12 1965 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb® 2×12 1995 Matchless Chieftain 2×12 Roland® JC-120 2×12 1967 Vox® 2X12 1967 Silvertone® Twin Twelve 4×10 Line 6® 4×10 1959 Fender® Bassman® 4×12 Line 6® 4×12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks 4×12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks 4×12 1978 Marshall® with stock 70s 4×12 1996 Marshall® with Vintage 30s 4×12 Mesa/Boogie® POD X3 Bass Amplifier Models based on*: Ampeg® SVT Ampeg® B-15A Eden Traveler WT-300 Fender® Bassman® head Gallien Kruger 800RB Hiwatt® DR-103 Hiwatt® 200DR Fender® Dual Showman® Fender® Bassman® Combo Mesa/Boogie® Bass 400+ Polytone Minibrute Sunn® Coliseum SWR® SM-500 Versatone Pan-O-Flex Vox® AC-100 Marshall® Major Marshall® Plexi Super Bass Acoustic 360 Aguilar® DB750 Alembic F-2B L6 Tube Bass Preamp L6 Classic Jazz L6 Brit Invader L6 Super Thor L6 Frankenstein L6 Ebony Lux L6 Doppelganger L6 Sub Dub POD X3 Bass Cabinet Models based on*: 1×12 Euphonics® CXL-112L 1×12 Versatone® Pan-O-Flex 1×15 Ampeg® B-15 1×15 SWR® Big Ben 1×15 Ploytone® Minibrute 1×18 Acoustic 360 1×18 Mesa/Boogie® 1×18 + 12 Sunn® Coliseum 2×10 Ashdown® ABM 210T 2×15 Fender® Dual Showman® 2×15 Mesa/Boogie® 2×15 Vox® AC-100 4×10 Line 6 Original 4×10 Fender® Bassman® Combo w/ new speakers 4×10 Fender® Bassman® Combo 4×10 Hartke® 4×10 David Eden 4×12 Hiwatt® Bass Cab 4×12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave w/ Greenbacks 4×12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave w/ Greenbacks 4×15 Marshall® Major 8×10 Ampeg® SVT Cab POD X3 Vintage and Modern Preamp Models based on*: API® 512c with API® 550b EQ Neve 1073 Avalon Vt737 Requisite Y7 L6 Solid State Console L6 Lo-Fi POD X3 Effect Models based on*: Teletronics LA-2A® EP-1 Tube Echoplex Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man Uni-Vibe MXR® Phase 90 Fender® Deluxe Reverb® Tremolo Leslie® 145 Arbiter® Fuzz Face Ibanez® Tube Screamer Big Muff Pi® ProCo Rat Maestro® Bass Brassmaster Sans Amp Bass Driver Arbiter® Cry Baby L6 Vetta Comp L6 Sub Octaves L6 Slap Plate Reverb L6 Male De-Esser L6 Female De-Esser L6 Vetta Wah L6 Digital Delay L6 Six band semi-parametric EQ L6 Flanger L6 Sine Chorus L6 Noise Gate L6 Standard Spring Reverb L6 Brite Room Reverb L6 Medium Hall Reverb L6 Cavernous Reverb L6 Bender pitch effect Boss® CS-1 Compressor (treble switch) Tycobrahe Octavia® Binson EchoRec Maestro® EP-3 Echoplex Boss® DM2 Analog Delay Roland® RE-101 Space Echo Square CE-1 Chorus A/DA Flanger Boss® CS-1 Compressor MXR® Dyna Comp Vox® V847 Wah Custom Vox® V847 Wah Colorsound® Wah-Fuzz Maestro® Boomerang Wah Cry Baby® Super – Jen Electronics RMC Real McCoy 1 Wah Mu-Tron® III Down Moog and ARP style synth filters Moog Lead ARP Solina / Elka® Strings Boss® Metal Zone MT-2 Chandler Tube Driver® Fender® Vibratone L6 Sweep Echo L6 Reverse Delay L6 Stereo Delay L6 Ping Pong Delay L6 Small Room L6 Lux Spring L6 Auto Swell L6 Auto Pan L6 Large Hall L6 Vintage Plate 64 Mu-Tron® III 1960 Vox® AC15 Tremolo L6 Tiled Room L6 Rich Chamber L6 Large Plate Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble L6 King Spring L6 Dark Hall L6 Chamber Volume Pedal L6 Vetta Juice L6 Boost & EQ L6 Clean Sweep L6 Seizmik Synth L6 Double Bass L6 Buzz Wave L6 Rez Synth L6 Saturn 5 Ring Mod L6 Synth FX L6 Synth Harmony L6 Squarge Chorus L6 Expo Chorus L6 Random Chorus L6 Square Flange L6 Expo Flange L6 Lumpy Phase L6 Hi-Talk L6 Sweeper L6 POD Purple X L6 Random Sample and Hold L6 Tape Eater L6 Warble-matic L6 Low Rez Delay L6 Phaze Eko L6 Bubble Eko POD X3 V2.0 Effect Models: Vocoder Dynamic Delay Dimension Pitch Vibrato Voice Box V Tron Octisynth Q Filter Pattern Tremolo Frequency Shifter Barberpole Phaser Script Phaser