Markbass Markacoustic Ac101 Acoustic-101 Combo Acoustic Instrument AmpMarkbass Markacoustic Ac101 Acoustic-101 Combo Acoustic Instrument Amp

This is that perfect little, lightweight 10″-and-a-horn combo amp that you need for playing lounge gigs, or other small and/or polite venues where schlepping a larger amp is hardly worth it. The cabinet has a 10″ neodymium driver and an attenuable one-inch compression driver, with a cut-out handle on the top and two on the rear of the sides. The amp head is a Markacoustic AH-250, which is 150w into 8 ohms, 250 into 4 ohms. It has two channels, one of which has a Neutrik combo jack that accepts XLR or 1/4 in inputs, and has its own channel strip. The amp has internal effects, individually controllable on each of the two channels. The rear amp panel has an insert point, an XLR Direct Out with a ground lift, and an external speaker out with a Speakon connector. Despite its diminutive size, this Markacoustic amp has a balanced and brilliant tone. It plays well with acoustic guitars and basses, and provides excellent sound for uprights as well as solidbodies. With phantom power on the second channel, a number of upright players will use it with a condenser mic in one channel and a piezo pickup in the other. This allows you to have the natural sound of a mic that can be kept at a controlled level, while reinforcing that with the more feedback-proof piezo option. Many players also use it as an all-in-one PA system / acoustic guitar amp, that provides excellent tone for small venue or coffeehouse gigs and can be loaded-in in one trip with a hand free to open doors. The physical condition of this amp is excellent to mint. It has very few hours of use, all in a single, clean, non-smoking environment by a very careful and conscientious player. Thanks for looking! Click here for the Mark Bass product page for the combo. Click here for the Mark Bass product page for the head.Click here for a review from TalkBass.