Marshall Power Brake Pb100 Attentuator (8/16ohm  Switch)Marshall Power Brake Pb100 Attentuator (8/16ohm  Switch)

This auction is for a Marshall Power Brake PB100 Guitar Amplifier Attenuator. I have used this in my smoke-free home studio on and off for a number of year – never been gigged or left my house. Its got a few minor scuffs and scratches here and there (see pictures), but works perfectly. The PB100 Marshall Powerbrake is an absolutely terrific guitar amplifier attenuator that allows you to run the amplifier power section at very high levels, while maintaining soft bedroom levels (or completely silent) by soaking up the power output before the output is sent to the speakers. Marshall incorporated a reactive load (the impedance of the load changes, depending on frequency) and a pair of transformers in the PB100. It’s a great piece for anybody who wants to get real power tube distortion any time of the day or night without pissing off the neighbors or wife. The Power Brake is built to handle 150 watts RMS. As far as your amp is concerned, the Power Brake is the same load as any set of speakers. Unlike most attenuators, the PB100 is an active load, changing constantly with your amps output level, just like a speaker does. You can, and WILL, get great overdriven tones at reasonable volume on vintage amps without a Gain/Master Volume knob, for hard-rock studio work, and it is really great for controlling onstage sound in clubs. No external power supply is required to run it, since the Power Brake works on the amplifier’s power as supplied through the speaker cables. It then dissipates the resulting heat via the reactive fan which automatically responds to temperature increases created when you use greater attenuation levels and also cools the unit internals as you play. The fan also cools the Power Brake as it runs. The unit is switchable to 8 or 16 ohm loads, which gives it a major advantage over the vast majority of other attenuators available on the market, such as the Hot Plate, which tend to be “Ohm Load Specific”. Regardless, it will NOT work on 2 or 4 ohm load amplifiers, so don’t try that! Features PB-100 Marshall Power Brake Attenuation Method ActiveAttenuation (dB) 3-33 (11 step rotary dial)Power Handling 150 watts RMSDummy Load Option YesSwitchable Impedance Yes: 8 ohm or 16 ohmSpeaker Outputs 2 (1/4 inch jacks)Cooling Self-powered fanConstruction Metal chassis with dual front handlesDimensions 8.86″ x 4.73″ x 7.87″ 225 mm x 120 mm x 200 mmWeight 10.58 lbs (4.8 kg)Feel free to ask any questions. Sorry, NO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS! Good Luck!