Mesa Boogie Triaxis All Tube Midi Guitar PreampMesa Boogie Triaxis All Tube Midi Guitar Preamp

For sale here is my Mesa Boogie Triaxis All Tube Midi Guitar Preamp. I’ve used it for years with no problems. Had it retubed once, but that’s about it. Boogie describes it this way; “Digital disbelievers scoffed at the very idea of packing five 12AX7’s and 25 years of tube tone heritage into one rack space of pure magic…but there they are…five little tone bottles, glowing quietly-all too ready to rock the house. Eight separate modes deliver the elusive creamy gain of the Mark I, the heralded focus of the Mark IIC+, the scooped Rhythm of the Mark IV™, and a modified British lead mode. But these are just a few of the classic sounds at your fingertips. Most programmable preamps start with a digital control circuit and then adapt the audio to fit the confines of the digital framework. We weren’t about to compromise the audio just to take the short cut. Instead, our three years of research produced a patented technology which preserves in every nuance and detail the exact audio elements which made these classic sounds in the first place. The digital circuitry was forced to serve—not dictate the tone.” I just call it very useful and great sounding. It has a stereo programmable effects loop(off and on only), 2 speaker emulated outputs, and lots of tone options. The preamp also has 4 programmable control functions for controlling other amps, pedals, etc. It has some “rack rash” from mounting, but the condition is good. Also, I shortened the AC cable for less bundling in a rack. I will accept a return if you’re not satisfied, but the buyer must pay for the shipping. So please be sure before you bid. That’s about it. Happy bidding. Posted with eBay Mobile