Mint! Slightly-Used Roland Blues Cube Hot 30W 1x12Mint! Slightly-Used Roland Blues Cube Hot 30W 1x12

condition: like new make / manufacturer: Roland model name / number: Blues Cube Hot size / dimensions: 9.5″x16.5×17″ This is a barely-used Roland Blues Cube Hot guitar amp I got in December 2018 for $500 new and only used lightly a few weeks when there was a product glitch so I had it refurbished by Roland factory at my transportation cost while still under warranty and while I was waiting I found another. So you get the lucky break of what is essentially a brand-new unit at the cost of a used amp. It comes with Roland’s “Tube Logic” making it sound very tube-ish without the hassle of tubes, and is adjustable from 0.5, 15, 45, and 30 watts with a sweet sound that can range from a small bedroom to a bar. Here’s the full details from Sweetwater: The Roland Blues Cube Hot combo guitar amplifier delivers vintage-flavored tube tone and response in a gig-ready package. Roland’s Tube Logic circuitry reproduces every stage of a tweed-era amplifier from preamp to power amp to speaker output. This 1-channel amp offers a large tonal palette and a variable power output so you’ll be ready for any gig. The versatile and powerful Roland Blues Cube Hot combo amplifier delivers vintage tube tone and the touch response you want from an amplifier. Roland Blues Cube Hot 30-watt Combo Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:Vintage amp tone with modern technologyWide range of tonesThe flexibility for any gigVintage amp tone with modern technologyRoland’s Tube Logic design brings classic tweed tones to the Blues Cube Hot combo amplifier. Every aspect of these much-loved vintage amps from the preamp and output tube characteristics to the power supply compression to the speaker output is found in the Roland Blues Cube Hot. Pick players and fingerstyle players will love the touch response and sensitivity of this master-crafted amp. Sweetwater knows that amp tone and response are important to you, and we’re confident that the Roland Blues Cube Hot can do the job. Wide range of tonesThe Roland Blues Cube Hot gives you two individually voiced channels. Like a tube amp, the clean channel’s volume adds tube fatness and bite as you turn it up. The variable gain of the crunch channel lets you dial in the perfect amount of grit. You’ll also find a switchable boost for adding crunch and a tone switch for more high-end presence. High-quality reverb adds dimension to your tone. And the Blues Cube Hot’s custom 12″ speaker is tonally versatile and ready to gig. The flexibility for any gigThe Roland Blues Cube Hot is loaded with useful features designed to help the amp excel in any situation. Its cabinet’s reduced size and mass makes it easy to transport while still offering full-size tone. The power control offers four power output settings ranging from full gigging volume all the way down to 0.5 watts for quiet practice. A headphone output lets you practice at any time of the day or night without disturbing your neighbors. And the USB record output is perfect for capturing your guitar sounds directly to your computer. Roland Blues Cube Hot 30-watt Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:Gig-ready digital amp with authentic tube-style toneVoiced like vintage tweed-era ampsReduced cabinet size for easy transportPower control switches between 0.5, 15, 45, and 30 wattsHigh-quality reverbRecord directly to your computer via the USB outputOpen-back design with custom 12″ speakerThe Roland Blues Cube Hot may be the most giggable Blues Cube yet.–roland-blues-cube-hot-30-watt-1×12-inch-combo-amp-black