Nice Vintage Fender Japan Sidekick Reverb 25 Amp Powerhouse Studio Special  Nice Vintage Fender Japan Sidekick Reverb 25 Amp Powerhouse Studio Special

***PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK MY OTHER LISTINGS!! BEST DEAL ON EBAY!! *** FREE SHIPPING AND INSURANCE WITH BIN!!!! We have received a number of great items from a local guitar professional who is getting out, and will be listing many of them here as time permits. More great CLASSIC guitars, Electric, Acoustic, Jazz, and Bass, effects, parts, amps and equipment to come, at a great price! Always check back for new stuff, as it is coming all the time. Always great stuff, always a bargain! **Dear Folks, I see a lot of people selling questionable equipment, boutique amps with “boutique” prices, and others at ridiculous amounts of money on Ebay all too frequently. This is a pro-owned, studio classic. Spare Yourself the questionable pedigrees, and go with a time tested, reliable performing classic!! One that will appreciate and improve as both an enjoyable piece, and an investment as well. There is a reason that the insider techs, and old afficianados keep these among themselves!! Nice, Classic Vintage Fender Japan Sidekick Reverb Amp, a powerhouse in a tight package, and a studio classic. These Japan made amps are a whole different animal than the stuff Fender sells here. One reason You don’t see many is because they blow away the made-for-US market amps, and like the early Fender guitars, they are too nice to be sold here, and are not meant to be. I don’t know how the Japanese got so good at making Fender guitars and amps. Their determination to duplicate, or copy the best, most sought after models are a testament to their quest for quality. Most people now know about the guitars, but a lot of them don’t know about the amps. Having spent a fair amount of time in the Far East as a young soldier back in the days that are now considered the “Golden Era” of guitars, I also saw the rise of Japanese electronics. If You know names like Nakamichi, Sony,Teac, Akai, Pioneer, ect., You know what I mean. Unlike the US makers who attended the Leo Fender school of cheapness, these amps are great playing, quality pieces. For example, they have long power cords, and even longer foot pedal cords, so You can enjoy Your amp and explore Your environment to produce the sound You craft. I have loved the guitars from the mid and late 70’s forward, and the amps of the same period, and even today. There are some great Fender classics!! These amps are fairly rare, and are hidden gems except for those who know them, they give great full sound, in a small although heavy package, probably because of the quality components and build. For those of You who love the compact power of amps like Mesa Boogie, ect. it is a big, sweet sound in a small package! This size is just right for travelling, not too big, but because of the weight, it is just right, hefty I know, but not killing Yourself with the larger models, which are real back breakers!! So here it is, the same great sound, and another great chance to get a unique, classic amp!! This one did not leave home too often, and is in great condition. Fender Japan: They do pack some sweet tones into a compact package!!!. Dear Folks, this is one that stayed home, and is a studio classic. Most of these You will see, not that You will see many, will be bruised and battered, and often sell for more, but here is a great chance to get a really nice one, at a bargain price. I am currently amazed at what people shell out for the newer “boutique” amps. Here is a great chance to get a classic, quality made amp at a bargain price! Don’t miss it, and don’t let the dealers get it!! This is a No Reserve auction. Thanks and Happy Bidding! THIS IS A LOW OR NO RESERVE AUCTION, HOWEVER, EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO SALE AT ANY TIME!! PLEASE DO NOT DELAY IF YOU WANT THIS ITEM, OR WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE AUCTION TO BID. IT WILL BE GONE BY THEN, AND I WOULD LIKE TO NOT HAVE ANY MORE EMAILS OF DISAPPOINTMENT! USE BUY IT NOW, OR CONTACT ME BY PHONE OR EMAIL IMMEDIATELY! PLEASE BID OR INQUIRE ONLY IF YOU CAN PAY PROMPTLY AND WITHOUT DELAY. I do not like to like to leave negative feedback, but I can no longer be Mr. Nice Guy, as I have found that no good deed goes unpunished on Ebay. Payment is due promptly. We try to ship the day payment is rec’d/clears, and email tracking numbers at the end of the day it goes out, so You can track it right in. Please check my other auctions on great guitars and equipment, and other do dads as well. New stuff coming all the time. Thanks for looking, and have a great American Day!!