Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo 60 Watt Guitar Amp 6505 With Footswitch And Custom Cover.Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo 60 Watt Guitar Amp 6505 With Footswitch And Custom Cover.

Hello ! Up for sale is an already legendary amplifier from Peavey…..the 6505 + ! Used by many acts like metal bands Trivium and Bullet for my Valentine. The 6505 has a royal pedigree starting with the original 5150 as well as being a “cousin” to the EVH 5150 III ! Most well known for the brutal distortion it’s gain channel contains. It is one of the go to amps for metal heads…professionals, novices, and every one in between. But this is also the tool that gets you the closest to the ever elusive “brown sound” originated by Mr. Edward Van Halen. All without dealing with potentially dangerous variacs and anything else Eddie used in his “trick bag” to get his classic signature sound! As previously alluded to, this line of amps is well known for it’s overdrive and distortion. The clean channel is very admirable, typical of most Peavey tube amps. But I would almost recommend that you buy this amp if you want to use the gain exclusively from this amp and only use the clean channel specifically for that purpose. What I noticed is that this amp to my ears doesn’t take DRIVE pedals very well on its clean channell. I noticed that channel sounds good with everything else…..delays, modulations, even filter effects like auto wahs and synth wahs. Dirt pedals, through, are a different story. I tried a Proco turbo rat and the distortion from a Digitech RP80, both for sale here on ebay…just sounded weird to me. So I’ve been putting dirt pedals through the front of the amp’s crunch channel….with the preamp gain all the way down so there’s as little clipping as possible, post gain to taste…sounds much better to me! I also saw some videos on youtube where people put drive/distortion pedals in the effects loop. I might try this next….this could do the trick ! Amp was only played 5 times at gigs by the previous owner. I’ve gig tested it twice…hardly any home use. So it’s still in fairly new electronic condition. Also very good cosmetically….previous owner put some velcro on the top of the amp (visible in 3rd picture) for his wireless. Otherwise, comes to the lucky buyer nice and clean and shiny ! Also comes with useful Peavey footswitch as well as a thick and sturdy custom made cover,made of thicker (but still flexible) material than your typical corporate made amp cover. Fashioned by the previous owner’s wife…really cool and gives this amp even more mojo ! I just got a Peavey JSX, so I don’t need this amp anymore. Thanks for looking and I hope you buy it now!!!!!!