Peavey Valveking Head Rare Ruby Tubes And Modified MotherboardPeavey Valveking Head Rare Ruby Tubes And Modified Motherboard

Beautiful sounding amp and an amazing pick up whether you’re an up and coming guitar player or even an advanced player looking for a rare heavy crunch that’s hard to find this amp is the only one for you. Amp was taken into a shop in next to new condition for a simple re-tubing but instead an error occurred taking them out which caused an unknown malfunction. The technical difficulty was such a one in a kind case that the man who actually designed the amp for Peavey took it as a personal mission to fix it. In turn this amp was refurbished. Not with the original motherboard though, an ALL NEW PROTOTYPE MOTHERBOARD BUILT FOR THE SECOND GENERATION OF VALVEKING AMPS THAT HAD NOT BEEN RELEASED AT THE TIME!! This amp is a one of a kind and I even spoke to the designer and he said that this amp is a real gem and believe me when I say it stands up to any $1500+ amp by far and can easily achieve tones that you will never find within Peavey due to its special nature. Please consider and you will not regret it!! I will make absolute sure that it has safe travels to wherever it finds a home! Amp has Ruby Tubes and a green jewel although the LED is still red. Beautiful gold plated Mogami guitar cable included. Very long not sure exact length but very high quality cost $40+. Also a Planet Waves cable for connecting the amp to a cabinet is included!