Rivera Fandango 2x12 Combo Amp - 55 Watts - Killer Amplifier

Includes original Rivera FS-7 footswitch!!

Rivera Fandango 2×12 Combo Amp Includes FS-7 footswitch Thanks for checking out this posting. On sale here, for your consideration, is a Rivera Fandango 2×12 combo guitar amplifier. This is my own amp. I’m a player, not a dealer. I’m selling it because I have too much gear and must downsize. It’s seen plenty of use but has been well maintained and kept in my smoke free, pet free home. I’d like to see it continue to be played and appreciated. For those that may be unfamiliar, I’ve written the following – Rivera’s Fandango is channel switching guitar amp that will surely please any professional or amateur guitarist. This tube amp operates a matched pair of Winged C EL34 output tubes into a pair of Celestion G12T-75 loudspeakers. Its date of manufacture is 3/6/01. Its control layout is typical 2-channel Rivera, with fully independent controls and boosts for both channels: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble & Master, with global Reverb, Presence and Focus controls. The Fandango’s Marshall-ee lead channel is barrowed from Rivera’s famous Knucklehead series amps. It has L.A. Metal hotrodded gain levels but also does vintage Classic Rock voicings with ease. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any rock guitarist! The rhythm channel (two) is pure Fender goodness. The authenticity and versatility of Fandango’s clean channel is something to behold – it does cowboy clean to SRV Texas style raunch, convincingly! This channel has a pull “Notch” switch for bumping the frequency response of the midrange control between Tweed/Brownface and Blackface voicings. The clean channels “Ninja” boost is an excellent clean boost for fat soloing. Channel switching is handled via the included FS-7 footswitch which also switches the separate boost functions for both channels. The amp’s reverb circuit is about the best I’ve heard. It will do subtle studio reverb all the way up to Dick Dale surf land levels of reverb. Located on the Fandango’s rear panel is a “Vintage/Modern” switch that toggles the amp’s output tubes between triode and pentode modes. This drops the amp’s final output wattage and shifts the amp’s overall harmonic overtones – nice for smaller rooms, studio use, etc. Also on the rear panel are the send and return jacks of the tube buffered effects loop, with corresponding level controls, a direct line out, speaker & extension speaker outs, and 4/8/16 ohm output impedance switch. The amp has casters for mobility and 3 handles.This amplifier shows wear (nicks and bumps) from use, consistent with its age, No Abuse (please see photos). It is fully functional, unmodified, complete and it sounds GREAT!! To see Rivera’s Fandango owner’s manual Click here. Buyer to pay $80.00 for insured shipping within the CONUS only. The fine print – I make every effort to ensure the buyer is satisfied with all facets of a transaction. I don’t charge any bogus fees or extra for insurance. Regarding shipping………I know the world can be a rough place so I work hard to package VERY Well. I don’t trust the work of packaging to others. I photo document my packaging process so in the rare case (God forbid) there is a shipping damage claim there can be little dispute. I maintain open communication with the buyer and I ensure the buyer receives shipping event e-mail direct from the shipper to monitor and track the item’s journey. e-mail or call Pat at 360-573-8183 for more information. e-mail for more info. Thanks! <IMG SRC="