Rivera Knucklehead Reverb Head W/road Case/head Master Midi Switch-awesomeRivera Knucklehead Reverb Head W/road Case/head Master Midi Switch-awesome

This listing is for a Rivera Knucklehead Reverb 55 watt all tube amp. Hand made in the USA, this is the version of the Knucklehead you want to have. It has every option unlike the scaled down ones they are putting out now and it sound KILLER. I have owned pretty much every tube amp there is and I would put this up against my Soldano Decatone or Bogner Ecstasy any day. Great high gain tones as well. This is includes the Rivera Head Master midi switching system, a brand new condition Gator heavy duty road case (about $300 for the case alone) and midi cable and power cable. Buyer pays fixed $65 Fed Ex shipping/insurance in the US(lower 48) Killer amp, I do have the made in the USA K412 cab w/Vintage 30 Celestions in it if you are interested. ( I am willing to ship, but of course, shipping 4×12’s is expensive!) The following is from Rivera’s web site: Rivera excels again! With our development of a new Patent Pending 3 Channel Tri-Tone All-Tube circuit architecture, a player is given a range of incredible sounds. From shimmering and rich clean tones, to screaming high gain leads; impeccable note definition along with massive bottom end crunch tones can be reached. Three preamp Channels, powered with 5 12AX7s, work to establish each with distinctive voicing and levels. 3 Spring-Accutronics Reverb containing dual reverb controls, allows adjustment of different reverb levels for lead and rhythm. Footswitchable Boosts on several channels are featured, as well as an Effects Loop Bypass switch. Lead/Crunch Channels include 3 bands of interactive passive tone controls. A Pull Scoop switch exists to deepen the midrange notch. For the Rhythm and Blues channel, 3 bands of equalization along with a Pull Bright Switch, and a Midrange Pull Notch switch, give a choice of British/Tweed or American Blackface tones. Also, Channel one features a pull contour for fatter bass. Focus and Presence controls for the final equalization of the EL-34 (55 Watt has 2 EL-34s, and the 100 Watt has 4 EL-34s) power amp section round out the variables. 6L6GCs may be installed by just adjusting the bias (an internal adjustment). Power and Standby switches are on the front panel as well. All channels, boosts, FX loop and reverbs are midi switchable and programmable with the included Rivera Headmaster Midi pedal (FS-9). Rear panel features include: Series/Parallel Effects Loop with Level and Blend controls, equalized Recording Output, subwoofer Output (for hooking up to our powered Los LobottomĀ® Sub 1 or Sub 2 subwoofers), an Impedance Selector with two speaker jacks, High/Low Power Switch, and a Vintage/Triode switch (allows for 100/50/25/12 Watt Output Power selection) and Midi In/Out/Thru and midi channel selector.