Rivera Los Lobottom Sub 1 Electric Guitar Amplifier Subwoofer Made In UsaRivera Los Lobottom Sub 1 Electric Guitar Amplifier Subwoofer Made In Usa

This listing is for one Rivera Los Lobottom Sub 1 subwoofer designed for use with a guitar amplifier. This is actually a new old stock piece that was taken off the show room floor and stored in our back stock for a few years. Cosmetically it is in great shape. upon close inspection you may see a small scuff here or there from being stored next to other gear but really nothing major. I would say it doesn’t have even an hour of play time on it. For some reason some of the writing on the back panel has started to wear off. I read the others of the same model did the same thing. Manufacturer: RiveraModel: Los Lobottom SUB 1Case: NoneColor: BlackCondition: Very GoodDescription:Imagine achieving large stack like tone and levels, with massive bottom end chunk, with amazing Sub-Sonic™ fidelity perfection for drop-tuning, 7-string and baritone guitar players, from a compact combo amp system. Never before has this concept been offered to guitar players. Adding the SUB 1 to almost any existing guitar amp system is as easy as plugging in a few guitar cables.300 watts RMS powered sub-woofer, 1-12″ JBL driver, built into a compact enclosure, similar in size to most Rivera 1-12” extension cabinets. Utilizing a extremely efficient power amp circuit with built in electronic crossovers, the patented Los Lobottom ™ SUB 1 can be added to any guitar amp system that has either an effects loop, or an external speaker jack output. If used with an amplifier that has an effects loop, the SUB 1 built in effects loop facilities allow seamless effects patching, while providing controls for high-pass filtering for the host guitar amp. Additional features include Low Level Input (for connection to effects loop send jacks of host amp), Low Level Output (for connection to effects loop return of host amp), Phase switch (for phase matching between host amp and SUB 1), SUB 1 Level Control, Peak Level Indicator, High Pass Filter switch, High Level Input (for connection of the SUB 1 to host guitar amp systems not equipped with effects loops, like vintage amps), and Mains Power switch.This Sub1 will seriously “beef up” your tone, in a package that is quite managable. This unit is in very good shape, the writing on the back panel is starting to wear away in some spots. The rest of unit shows no heavy wear. Included is a schemetic of the back panel controls.