Tweed BandmasterTweed Bandmaster

This review is for the Marsh Tweed Bandmaster finished amplifer. I had emailed Mike Marsh origanlly looking for a Tweed Super 2×10 configuration. After discussing my tonal desires, he suggested the 3×10 Bandmaster. It’s by far the best amplification decision I’ve ever made. I have owned an 1990s AC-30, an original 1966 Princeton, an original 1965 Tremolux, a RI 65 Deluxe Reverb, a Marshall 1987x head, a Marshall JTM-45 and a Carr Rambler.Well, now I’m finally happy with an amp.This amp has the most pure, soulfull tone of any amp I’ve heard. Not too shrill, not flabby in the bass, not too clean ans yet not too dirty. All the amps I mention owning above had something I didn’t like..but not this one.I’m really amazed at how veritle this amp is. You can easlity go from Stax soul to Chic funk to the rock of CCN, CCR or the Who. I requested the Weber Signature Alnico 10S speakers and the Mercury Magnetics transformer. For me, the combination is a winner. I must also comment on the immpecable customer service that Mike Marsh extends to his customers. He really goes above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Marsh amps and the Bandmaster receive my highest recommendation! Tweed 310 5E7 Amp Kit Everything you need to build a complete 5E7 Amp. The Standard kit comes with high quality Vintage style components including:Sprague Atom or TAD ElectrolyticsOrange Drop Coupling CapsCarbon Comp ResistersCloth WirePictorial instruction Booklet3 Jensen Ceramic speakers