Vintage Altered Bass Cabinet with a 15 inch JBL 140 insideVintage Altered Bass Cabinet with a 15 inch JBL 140 inside

This is a vintage cabinet in the sense that inside of it there is a classic, JBL 15 inch bass speaker. This is a speaker for musical instruments and I believe it has the original cone, in very good condition. I believe it is the E140 but (I do not remember exactly; it may be the K140). The cabinet/speaker has not been used for years; I checked it now and it works beautifully, But . . . as a bass player I have to mention what every bass player knows: that “any” speaker can be abused by a bass player. So if you do not abuse the speaker you will have a totally top of the line speaker for many years. Measures: 20 x 18 1/2 x 16 1/4 in.I purchased the MCM cabinet in order to have something not too bulky and placed this speaker in it to get the sound quality I desired. The cabinet and speaker in it are sold AS IS. This offer is only for the USA and payments through Paypal only. I do not accept returns, as quite often the instruments get damaged during transport. It will be sent packed in the original cabinet box and with insurance in case of something. Thank you for looking!