Vox DA5 Battery Powered Modeling Busker Guitar & Vocal AmpVox DA5 Battery Powered Modeling Busker Guitar & Vocal Amp

Vox DA5 Battery Powered Modeling Busker Guitar & Vocal Amp in Super Clean Condition. Amazing sounding little 5watt amp with switchable wattage, great effects, multiple amp models and the ability to be run off batteries. Guitar input and rear 1/4” microphone. This model is no longer being made. Includes after market Yamaha correct spec power supply. Here are the main features according to Vox.• The compact DA5 features five watts (5W) produc- ing stellar tones inherited from the VOX Valvetronix series (AD15VT, AD30VT, AD50VT, AD100VT).• This portable amplifier is powered by six C batteries or the included AC adapter, enabling you to play any- where.• Inputs include an AUX IN jack, for connecting an ex- ternal audio device (CD, MP3 player, etc.), and a MIC INPUT jack, to which you can connect a micro- phone. You can play along with recorded music or accompany your vocals on guitar.• The TAP button enables you to easily set the flanger speed or delay time in sync with the tempo.• The amplifier provides eleven distinctive sound styles that can be used in various musical genres.• Eleven high-quality effects are built in and seven are multi effects that let you use two effects simulta- neously plus Noise Reduction. Please see my eBay feedback for the honesty factor. Thanks for looking,