Vox Vt50 50 Watt Guitar Amp - 12ax7 Preamp - Vox Vfs5 Footswitch - ExcellentVox Vt50 50 Watt Guitar Amp - 12ax7 Preamp - Vox Vfs5 Footswitch - Excellent

Vox VT50 50 watt Guitar Amp – 12AX7 preamp tube. Includes Vox VFS5 footswitch. Excellent Condition with no rips, tears, or dings. Everything is in perfect working condition. Always used in a smoke free temperature controlled environment. OVERVIEWHigh-quality modeling meets the acclaimed VOX Valve Reactor tube technology in this 50W 1×12.The VOX Valvetronix VT50 is a 50W combo amp that gives you 22 amp models ranging from the latest high-gain types to hard-to-find boutique and vintage amps. The VOX VT50 amplifier also boasts a full complement of effects, allowing it to cover the needs of a wide variety of styles and performance techniques. The VOX Valvetronix includes 66 preset programs, including 22 song programs that simulate the guitar sounds of famous guitarists. Even beginning players can enjoy serious guitar sound right away. The VOX Valve Reactor circuit is the key factor that separates Valvetronix amplifiers from other modeling amps. The 100% analog original power amp circuit actually has the same power amp circuit as a full-tube amp, using a 12AX7 miniature triode to reproduce a distinctive tube amp sound unattainable by digital technology. In other words, it replicates aspects that have an important influence on the sound of a tube amp, such as the power amp’s class A/AB operation and the interaction of the power stage with the speaker. You get not only the response of the original amp’s power amp circuitry, but also the power amp’s distortion as well as the nuances and subjective sound pressure of a full-tube amp.FEATURES50W combo ampVOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 to produce real tube power amp sound22 realistic amp models are built in, ranging from the latest high-gain types to unobtainable legendary boutique amps and vintage amps12 high-quality effects including independent reverb, rivaling the quality of dedicated units3 banks (basic, effected, and song) are provided for each amp model, giving you a total of 66 preset programs22 programs of “song presets” simulate the sounds of famous guitaristsYou can save 8 of your own edited programsPower level control allows you to adjust the output wattage of the power amp, so you can obtain that distinctive power amp distortion even at low output levelsSPECIFICATIONSValvetronix VT50 50W 1×12 Guitar Combo AmpAmp Models: Boutique CL, Deluxe Tweed, Super 4×10, AC15TB, AC30HH, Express Train, AC50CP2, UK 25TH, US ’90s, UK Modern, Boutique Metal, Modded CL, Tweed 2×12, Tweed 4×10, AC15, AC30TB, Boutique OD, AC30BM, UK ’80s, Cali Metal, UK ’90s, Metal Bull12 Effect Models: Delay, Tape Echo, Chorus, Comp, Octave, Flanger, Phaser, Rotary, Tremolo, Pitch, Reverb, Noise ReductionNumber of amp types: 22Number of programs: 66 preset, 8 userInput/output jacks: 1 x Input, 1 x Foot SW jack, 1 x Phone jack,Power amp output: Maximum 50W RMS @8 ohmsSpeaker: 1 x VOX original (12″, 8 ohm)Signal processing A/D conversion: 24-bit, D/A conversion: 24-bit, Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHzPower supply requirements: AC, local voltageIncluded items: power cable