Badass overdrive you’ve heard on countless recordings, (first 2 photos). Check out Brett Kingman’s demo. Can’t beat this price with Fast, Free Shipping! Please Ask about my other stuff, I have lots of top-shelf pedals, necks, bodies, amps, guitars, and I’m selling out! Thanks for visiting. From the builder: The Black Cat OD-1 is an original overdrive design created by Fred Bonte more than 25 years ago, when Fred was working as a tech for Eric Johnson. Based on the unique properties of the OP275 – a high quality dual opamp with a distinctive linear output waveform – the OD-1 can go from clean, to slightly crunchy, to all-out saturated distortion. It is extremely sensitive to your playing dynamics, and works interactively with the tone and volume controls on your guitar. And like a good Fuzz Face, it cleans up well when you roll back the volume on your guitar. The Black Cat OD-1 circuit acts as an extra gain stage in your signal chain, which allows it to stack amazingly well with any other boost, drive, distortion or fuzz it’s paired with. Without additional tone circuitry to muddy up the mix, the OD-1 can freely intermingle and enhance any of your favorite dirt pedals. The Black Cat OD-1 has been used by Scott Henderson, Steve Lukather, Beck, Lyle Workman, Kyle Cook (Matchbox Twenty), and many others. In a market full of copies and clones, the Black Cat OD-1 is truly unique. There is literally nothing else out there quite like it.