DigiTech TRIO + Band Creator Guitar Effect Pedal bundle, with FS3X pedal DigiTech TRIO + Band Creator Guitar Effect Pedal bundle, with FS3X pedal 

DigiTech TRIO + Band Creator Guitar Effect Pedal bundle, with FS3X pedal LIKE NEW, VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT CONDITION. No scratches or abuse. Used Digitech Trio + pedal with digitech FS3X pedal bundle. Well taken care of, neverleft my studio. This is a fun and versatile setup, I used it for rehearsing and practicing leadsover my own compostions. It excels at quick and dirty 3 piece compositions, and then allowsyou to loop parts over the generated drums and bass rhythm parts. You ‘teach’ the unit your song playing very simplistic chords along with the internal beat light, then it plays back the bass and drums for you. Then you simply loop your rhythm guitar (or keys or anything else you want) over the drum and bass and you have a band in a box. You can change the styles on the fly, you can speed it up and slow it down, it is amazing what the thing can do. I found it a little dicey on complex chords and rhythms; that said what it can do far outweighs what it can’t. Learning curve is not too bad, but you need to read the manual and play with it to master the technique. Best looping setup I have ever used, and an excellent composition tool. The trio + comes in the original box with P/S, manual and software, see the pics. I don’t have the box for the FS3X, but it is in excellent condition. I am retiring from my professional music biz, and selling any gear I will no longer need. See my other auctions for pedals, guitars and amps etc. These are selling new on Sweetwater for around $329.00 and $50 more for the FS3X controller pedal. I have a sweet buy it now price of $200.00 plus shipping. Bid with confidence, I have 100% positive feedback.LOWER 48 STATES ONLY! ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID!!!