Drum Machine Pedal - Finhol Autostomp Player with StompboxDrum Machine Pedal - Finhol Autostomp Player with Stompbox

Drum Machine Pedal – Finhol Autostomp Player with Stompbox. Condition is Used. If you are looking to take your live performances to a new level, then this is for you!The Auto Stomp Player™ is a human controlled drum & cajon- computer, which is played with the foot. The unit follows the player‘s speed- fluctuations, respective speed-changes. If the tapping is stopped, the machine stops. It plays bass drum, snare, rim shot, hi-hat, low cajon, high cajon, shaker and tambourine. In addition to the manual mode, you can switch the device to “Auto Play“, then tap the desired speed 4 times with your foot. When you tap your foot again, the player will play the selected program at this speed. The player is stopped by a single tapping with the foot. The foot-tapping takes place via a standard stompbox pad, which is connected via cable to the Auto Stomp Player™. Switching between the different modes is done via a selector switch with 12 positions. This unit can be mounted to your mic stand for easily changing parameters during your performances. The sensitivity of the trigger signal is adjustable. It works with both, an internal battery, as well as an 9- volt power supply. The power supply included, is European and would need an adapter to use in the US, or it works perfectly well with a Boss PS120 or equivalent 9v power supply with a center negative terminal. It is great for both practice and performance!! Please view the YouTube video demonstration to get a better idea what this amazing unit can do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t-U3e_yYeE&t=88s