Fishman Platinum PRO EQ preamp DI guitar violin banjo mandolin bass cigarboxFishman Platinum PRO EQ preamp DI guitar violin banjo mandolin bass cigarbox

I’m moving soon and getting brutal about eliminating stuff. This doesn’t get used often but I’ve owned it for a very long timebecause it is so versatile. You can use this with just about any instrument or any pickup.It has an input pad that is all important for matching up to differentinstruments and electronics.It is a VERY good circuit.Really good EQ w/ sweep mid and notch, exc VCA limiter/compressor. The new Fishman preamp model is the same circuit but running at 17Vinstead of 9V. Of course that means no more running on batteries.It adds a boost and a tuner but the basic EQ is identical to this one.PRO TIP: If you use these with phantom power via the mic cableit is seeing a higher 48V. I’m using a Radial PZ pre ($300) and yeah I like it better..(except I had to add a limiter.. the fish has one built in)but the Fishman is verrry good, I have used it as my main acousticpreamp in the past and I still use it on various instruments fromtime to time as a studio General Purpose preamp.And it is grrrreat at that!So for violin, banjo, mandolin, uke, cigarbox, bouzouki….ANYthing with a pickup and of course great with guitar and bass. It can fit on a pedal board, I have done that, it has a very good clean DIfor recording or FOH, great EQ, simple comp and it’s cheap to boot.