Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive (Used) In Great Condition! /W Box & Manual!Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive (Used) In Great Condition! /W Box & Manual!

You are bidding on a used Keeley Luna Overdrive pedal in black sparkle. Comes with original box, manual, stickers and extra rubber feet. Minimal wear and tear as seen in pictures. Sold as is. An Overdrive Like No Other!Tired of knock-off overdrives pedals? Try an original design with the Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive guitar pedal. After years of modifying overdrive pedals, Robert Keeley has created an overdrive unlike any other. With a combination of OP-amp and JFET circuits you’ll be able to dial in subtle to over-the-top overdrives to push your amp. An ultra-smooth Baxandall EQ lets you create the perfect tone via the treble and bass controls, not just a single tone control. Perfect for rhythm and solo playing, the Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive is the perfect addition to any pedalboard.Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive Guitar Pedal at a Glance:Unique overdrive soundBaxandall high-fidelity EQKeeley quality: great sound and dependabilityUnique overdrive soundFrom the mind of pedal-guru Robert Keeley comes the Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive. Not just another knock-off, Robert took his favorite aspects of various pedals to create an all new overdrive that you’ll love. The Luna Overdrive combines OP-amp clipping with tube-like JFET gain stages giving you a unique sounding pedal. From subtle, smooth overdrive to gritty, over-the-edge overdrive the Luna is sure to impress you. A Classic/Modded switch allows you to choose a lower or higher gain structure for the pedal.Baxandall high-fidelity EQHere’s something you just don’t see on most overdrive pedals: Baxandall EQ. This style of EQ curve was a big hit among music producers, because it boosts and cuts frequencies in a smoother, more effective way than traditional EQ curves. The Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive lets you dial in your tone like never before.Keeley quality: great sound and dependabilityThe Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive is packed with ultra-high-grade components. Guitar pedal guru Robert Keeley wouldn’t have it any other way. With its weapons-grade build quality, you can also rest assured that your Luna Overdrive will stand up to road abuse and give you many years of great sound and trouble-free operation.Keeley Electronics Luna Overdrive Guitar Pedal Features:Flexible overdrive with a large drive and EQ rangeBaxandall EQ for hi-fi tone controlCombines OP-amp clipping with JFET gain stages100% Hand Built in the USA