Keeley ME-8 Multi-Echo Reverb, Delay, Tape Echo Guitar Effects PedalKeeley ME-8 Multi-Echo Reverb, Delay, Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal

Like new Keeley ME-8 Mutli-Echo pedal with original box, storage bag and documents. Used only a few times at home, then stored away. No velcro; no issues of any kind. Impressive range of delay/reverb features, including the True-Chorus Double Tracker (ADT) in 2 modes: a Vintage ADT with variable Rate and Depth like an old reel-to-reel tape deck. This can be set to the 30 msec Abbey Road studio Beatles delay. The Modern ADT features a tone control with a notch-cut for tasty mid tones. The Tape Delay allows you to filter the sound of the echoes to simulate an old worn-out deck or make carbon copies of your tone. The Analog Delay has Dynamic Modulation. Eight different Subdivisions fill out the Modern Delay. The reverb settings allow choice of room, chamber and hall pre-delays. Hall has a touch of shimmer in it. See photos for setting details.