For sale is this awesome little pedal that every guitarist should have. The Radial Tonebone “Switchbone” JX-2 is the quietest and most transparent “AB” switcher around. You use these to split and select your signal between two different channels, effects loops, or amplifiers. Ordinarily that would be the kiss of death, with the floating ground between two different signal trains introducing so much noise it would be unusable. But this little box isolates both paths and eliminates that noise. It also is completely transparent so it won’t suck up your tone, and has a bunch of cool features like a power booster and a tuner out port. This is the kit you need if you want to run two amps, channels, or signal trains! Sold as is but works perfectly. Here is some more info:About the Switchbone JX-2 ABY 100% discrete class-A signal path for exceptional audioExclusive Drag control pickup load correctionVariable power booster with mid control for added cutTransformer isolated output to eliminate ground loopsThe Radial Switchbone ABY is a high performance ABY switcher that is designed to deliver the natural tone and feel of the instrument without introducing noise, distortion or artifact of any kind.The design begins with the same 100% discrete class-A buffering circuit as the critically acclaimed Radial JD7 Injector for exceptional audio performance. Each part is hand inserted into a double sided through-hole PCB for optimal signal transfer. To ensure the natural feel of the instrument is maintained, Drag™ control load correction lets you re-introduce the natural relationship between the guitar pickup and the amp that is invariably lost when the guitar signal is buffered. This also allows longer cable runs of upwards to 15 meters (50′) without noise.There are three footswitches on the top panel: The first selects between A or B amps while the second is used to combine amps. To get rid of the pops common to passive switchers, the Switchbone employs photocells that ramp-up the signal for smooth noise-free switching – even when used with high gain amps. To eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, the Switchbone’s second output is equipped with a transformer for 100% isolation. To ensure the two amps play in absolute phase, you simply toggle the easy access 180º polarity reverse switch.The third footswitch lets you engage the built-in power booster. This is equipped with a variable level control and is augmented with a 3-position mid-boost switch for extra cut when soloing. The boost function can be bypassed and converted to a mute switch for quiet on-stage tuning. A separate tuner out is always on for quick tune-ups and buffered to keep your signal path clean. Smart ‘flashing’ LEDs let you know which amp was last selected keeping you in total control at all times.The Switchbone is the most natural sounding ABY amp switcher made today.