TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay Digital Guitar Effects PedalTC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay Digital Guitar Effects Pedal

delay freaks – this is YOUR pedal. TC electronic basically invented digital delay and still sets the standard for digital delay pedals. This one does something no other pedals do – the triple delay can run three different delays simultaneously, in series or parallel. it also has 12 pre-set tempo subdivisions for the delay (including triplets) and tap tempo that syncs up all three delays. the 12 preset delay engines sound great (i like the tape one best – mimics an echoplex) but you can also take advantage of the TC electronic TonePrint features and customize the entire pedal to your own tastes. i bought it hoping to get more into layering delays but after trying it out i realized i’m only going to use one delay at a time. i tried it for two rehearsals and never gigged with it, the pedal is as good as new. there is some slight paint chipping on the underside, see photos. good demo of the pedal here: official product video: page: i ‘m a practicing musician trying to recuperate my costs, not a business. feel free to ask questions.