TC Electronic 'Shaker' VibratoTC Electronic 'Shaker' Vibrato


Hi There, I have a TC Electronic ‘Shaker’ Vibrato for sale.  Great pedal – killer vibrato with ‘latch’ and ‘toneprint’ setting. If you slow the speed right down it does a pretty cool chorus, as well. My current ‘toneprint’ is a ‘Leslie’ setting that sounds grouse and my other fave is called ‘Slow Rise’ – which is almost a phaser and sounds like an ‘auto wah’ when you crank it through an overdrive pedal – so it’s a very versatile pedal – three pedals in one, basically.  This is a really under-rated pedal   – but I went and bought a TC ‘Viscous Vibe’ (still with the ‘Slow Rise’ toneprint) – so I don’t need it. Takes a 9V battery as well. Check it out –|en)