Vintage Fender Twin Twin Reverb Bassman 135 Other Control brass plate parts potsVintage Fender Twin Twin Reverb Bassman 135 Other Control brass plate parts pots

This control strip and components is from a vintage Fender Bassman 135. The brass strip is some for many models of Fender amps and fits the Twin Reverbs. It has the necessary holes for all the controls. All pots and parts for the Bassman 135 are present and I suspect many are common to other models. I had this to sue in a Twin custom build but have too many other projects that need to happen first. Offering it here to see if anyone is interested. I am clearing out an old collection so there will be no returns, refunds, reduction or any other monetary consideration. This will be the contract and will override any refund conditions laid out by ebay or paypal and by bidding you agree that you have read this, understand this and agree to this. Shipping is based on destination and what Canada Post charges for Insured track able mail minimum. Shipping will be about 2 weeks within Canada and lower 48 state US destinations. All other plus overseas can take up to 16 weeks depending on distance and cost can be high. Faster methods are available but will cost extra. I only pass along the actual cost for shipping and I do not add any handling charges or other fees. You pay only what Canada Post charges. Shipping time depends wholly on the type of shipping selected and paid for.