Made In Spain, Upgraded Aria Ac-25 Classical Guitar In  Excellent Condition   Made In Spain, Upgraded Aria Ac-25 Classical Guitar In  Excellent Condition

To learn about my return policy, please scroll down this page.Aria AC25 classical guitar in almost excellent condition This Aria guitar is in overall excellent condition. It has couple of small scratches on the top that have been professionally sealed and are barely visible. Other surfaces are intact. It is a superb quality student guitar, not because it was made in Spain, but because of the way it was built. It is not only very good looking but also high grade musical instrument, producing pretty loud and sweet sound.It will be shipped without any case, just double boxedMarketing Ad:Fast ship. Good Ebayer . Tk’sBuyer: ben4946 ( 32 ) Oct-03-13 13:15 AWESOME MADE IN SPAIN UPGRADED ARIA AC25 CLASSICAL GUITAR IN EXCELLENT CONDITION (#200966374782) Original plastic nut and saddle have been replaced with custom made bone ones and action adjusted to 3.50 mm under E6 and 3.00 mm under E1. There is still enough room on the saddle to lower the action. This upgrade has greatly enhanced guitar’s volume, tonality and playablity.You may ask your teacher or your local luthier about the importance of such upgrade and what is its average cost.When I say custom made nut it means it is at the lowest possible height without causing any buzzes over the first fret. That means the guitar has the best possible playabilty at the frets next to the nut. Even lowering the nut by 0.2 mm may result in tremendous ease of playabilty. This job requires a lot of precision acquired over several years of experience. Most guitars available on the market are factory made, so they have machine made standard nut and saddle and none of them is individually adjusted by any technician. Only high end factory made guitars and luthier made guitars have such adjustments done before entering the market. Very often, in case of many guitar students, wrong set up leads to many frustrations and early resignations. Properly adjusted and easily playable instrument is the basic condition of student’s final success. ALL MY GUITARS MEET THIS REQUIREMENT AND ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO JUST TUNE THEM UP. Specifications: Aria Concert Classical – AC-25 $1,679.00 $1,259.00 Our Price! Made in Spain to Shiro Arai’s exact specifications, the ARIA CONCERT Classical guitars (AC Series) are hand-crafted using traditional Spanish techniques passed down through generations. Solid, one piece tops give these traditional guitars deep, rich tone and ideal resonance. Bindings, center-stripes and all decorations include rosetta and hand-carved wood. Aria Concert Classical – AC-25 Scale: 650mm Top: Solid Red Cedar Back & Sides: Sapelle with single binding Fingerboard: Rosewood Case: CG180 Molded Case ($75.00 addtl) Also available in a smaller 630mm Scale. HISTORY OF ARIA “It all started with the classical guitar”, says Shiro Arai, Chairman and the founder of Aria Guitars. One day, a friend came to visit Shiro’s apartment with a guitar. Shiro was expecting to hear Koga-type Japanese popular music, but instead his friend started to play a piece by Bach. From this moment, he had been inspired by the sound of this instrument forever. The very next day, Shiro bought his first guitar, costing over two months salary and began to teach himself to play. Now playing day and night, his passion for the guitar brought him to a famous classical guitar master in Nagoya, and soon became one of his students. Shiro started work for a trading company in 1947, aged 17. In 1953, Shiro and two of his colleagues resigned their positions and founded their own trading firm. After the fledgling company failed after just one year Shiro found himself homeless with nothing but his guitar. In order to live and settle the outstanding debts from this first business he started to teach the guitar. In 1954 unable to buy guitars, music and strings in Japan’s music stores, Shiro started to import classical guitars, Augustine guitar strings, and musical scores for himself and his students. These were the first classical guitars imported into post-war Japan and included instruments from renowned makers Jose Ramirez and Hermann Hauser. Recognising an increasing demand for guitars from friends and players throughout Japan, Shiro grasped the opportunity to start his own business. On August 2nd, 1956, ARAI & CO., INC was founded. At this time, although demand for classical guitars and accessories were increasing, it was still comparatively low and business was supplemented with other products including woollen material. The name, “ARIA”, which means expressive melody, was first used in 1958 when Arai exported Japanese built classical guitars fitted with steel strings to South East Asia in 1963. Also the letters of his name “ARAI” were just switched around to “ARIA as he recalled. Shiro embarked on a tour of the US with two of the best Japanese KOHNO guitars. At that time Japanese guitars had a poor reputation for developing body cracks and warped necks after being exposed to drier conditions abroad. It was Shiro’s intention to prove how good Japanese guitars were by performing and showing to fellow guitarists, teachers and music shops. After two months these guitars also started to crack. Even the best available Kohno guitars faced the same problem. Shiro took these cracked guitars back to Japan to show their makers just how vital it is to use properly seasoned tone woods. This trip gave Shiro the experience and knowledge to improve the quality of guitars and export Japanese guitars worldwide. It was as early as the late 50′s when Arai started to import Fender guitars and amplifiers from the US, although at that time the Japanese market was not quite ready for the electric guitar! With the advent of rock n’ roll demand for electric guitars took-off. Arai released its first ARIA brand electric guitars in 1963. Exporting to the US followed with models including the 1532T and 1802T. To counter the decline of the solid body electric guitar boom, Arai released the Aria Diamond series hollow body semi-acoustic guitars. Aria Diamond was named after the imitation diamond inlayed into the headstock. This series lead to the release of the 1202 and 1302 models in 1966 and caused nothing short of a sensation in Japan. From 1967 Aria added a variety of models including the solid body 1962T, R-320, and violin shaped 12-string and bass guitars, and a full acoustic guitar, the 1262. In 1975, Aria Pro II was developed from Aria’s custom shop making high-end models for professional users. In 1976, Aria Pro II released its first original model, the PE-1500. PE (Prototype Line) is a classic Aria design, also known as the legendary masterpiece, it featured an arched top, and all maple carved body with Aria’s original “heel-less neck and DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucking Pickups. Primarily designed for tone and playability, the PE series has been modified to match today’s trends while keeping its original features and timeless design. In 1978, Aria Pro II released another long-selling model, the SB-1000. The SB-1000 was highly regarded throughout the world and came to represent everything that was good about Aria and Japanese guitar building. Featuring a Canadian Ash body with neck through body and, to enhance playability, a heel-less neck. For its original tone, SB featured the Aria original BB circuit. Its exotic see-through finish and the eye position marks make the SB amongst the most distinctive basses ever made. Aria Pro II led the way with the 80′s shift to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Releasing many models such as XX, ZZ and U-1. Whilst not abandoning their routes also re-established the semi-acoustic guitar models, FA and TA. The 80s, also saw the introduction of the famous IGB (SB INTEGRA) bass series. In the early 1990s, after the heavy metal rush, Aria Pro II released one of its favourite original models, the MA series to reinforce the PE and SB line-ups. MA series bodies are constructed with innovative crystal shaped carved top and back. Continuing its remarkable progress, Aria released the very unique concept of the SWB (electric upright bass) series to the world in 1992. The SWB range offers compact modern design and features the Fishman custom bridge Piezo pickup and active tone circuit. Aria has been at the forefront of guitar and Japanese guitar building excellence for 50 years, which means a wealth of experience and acquired expertise. The core value remains the same today, to constantly strive to achieve a higher level of excellence, quality and value for musicians. 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I know very well that spending $1000 of hard earned money is not emotionally easy undertaking for majority of guitar lovers. I am sure that reading my feedback can ease a bit your “purchase anxiety” but it still will be there no matter how hard I try. Please believe me I have been “in your shoes” many times before.Victor P.s. If you’d like to check my other posted on E-bay guitars click on the links below: To make it easier for you “to join the Victorious Club” I list below the feedback responses from my E-buyers that I have earned so far: Super quality for a fair prices !!!!!, the Guitar was 100% as described !!!!!! Buyer: frankduhring ( 59 ) Mar-06-13 11:02 Classical Guitar Yamaha CG201S with HSC in Excellent Condition (#200899417332) Fast shipping, item is as described. Great seller. Thanks! Buyer: rehash_212 ( 324 ) Mar-14-13 13:21 Vintage Kazuo Yairi Classical Guitar Y22 with OHSC in excellent condition (#200904547375) Excellent Buyer: archtopguitars ( 349 ) Mar-25-13 16:47 Jose Ramirez F7 CIP Flamenco Guitar with HSC in excellent condition (#200905754956) BENDING OVER BACKWARD! VERY FAST shipping. SUPERB Packaging! A+++++ Seller! Buyer: quentinnguyen ( 47 ) Mar-26-13 13:01 Manuel Rodriguez FF Flamenco Guitar In Great Condition with paded gibag (#200906728496) Great Guitar Smooth Transaction A+ seller Buyer: jimg8s ( 474 ) Mar-29-13 10:14 Guild GAD-C3 Flamenco Negra Classical Guitar in excellent condition with OHSC (#200905478444) This company is awesome!, A++ condition, packed the best i have seen! Buyer: koolbikes58 ( 1241 ) Apr-01-13 11:37 Almansa 447 CE Flamenco Guitar in excellent condition with HSC (#200906728954) Great Seller AAA+++ Fantastic Value AAA+++ Buyer: foncava123 ( 352 ) Apr-09-13 10:02 1993 Alvarez Yairi CY 140 Classical Guitar in EXCELLENT CONDITION with OHSC (#200909731192) A+++++< very helpful, great communication, exactly as described Thanks! Buyer: zacharyswiatek ( 94 ) Apr-19-13 20:53 Epiphone Gibson Les Paul Vintage Sunburst 2003 with HSC in EXCELLENT CONDITION (#200913864856) A pleasure doing business super fast shipping and amazing product A++ Buyer: dnkzz ( 45 ) Apr-26-13 21:29 Alvarez MC80 Masterwork Series Classical Guitar with HSC in excellent condition (#200916351446) Honest seller, and good treatment with costumers Buyer: danyhamdan90 ( 3 ) May-10-13 19:35 Antonio Aparicio AA40F Flamenco Guitar in excellent condition with HSC (#200920823914) Great seller! Buyer: guinness26 ( 118 ) May-14-13 21:42 BREEDLOVE Passport N250/COe Nylon String Acoustic/Electric w/ Hardshell Case (#200915805283) Excellent transaction. Excellent seller, very attentive. A+++ Buyer: vertexx ( 193 ) Jun-10-13 06:52 Hand Made Classical Guitar with Smallman Bracing, Arched Back & Raised Fretboard (#200917095771) A beauty. Thanks Victor! Buyer: ozarkfind ( 145 ) Jun-27-13 08:14 2000 Cordoba FCWE Thinline Flamenco Guitar with OHSC in Excellent Condition (#200936135475) Beautiful guitar, as described. Nice setup. Adept seller. Thanks Buyer: jjrote ( 270 ) Jul-03-13 08:09 RARE Vintage Yamaha G 255 S Classical Guitar IN EXCELLENT+++ CONDITION with OHSC (#200938228975) excellent seller Buyer: the1astminute ( 56 ) Jul-04-13 20:17 Vintage Hohner HAG 70 Classical Guitar In Excellent Cosmetic Condition with Case (#200937470657) Excellent communication. Item well packed and fast shipping. Highly recommended. Buyer: acu888 ( 212 ) Jul-07-13 21:53 RARE 1965 ALL SOLID Yamaha #150 Classical Guitar IN EXCELLENT CONDITION with HSC (#200937018132) Great person to do business with. Very communicative. Buyer: mindaramblin ( 1 ) Jul-08-13 07:43 1975 Hohner Contessa HG-14 Classical Guitar in Very Good Condition (#200935191270) excellent product, lightning fast shipping, thanks Buyer: 2637tim ( 579 ) Jul-09-13 17:59 NEW IBANEZ GAR6GAM 7/8 CLASSICAL GUITAR with PADDED GIGBAG and Victorious Setup (#200938792608) Good product and price delivered in timely fashion from one of eBay's finest. A+ Buyer: ultrawestern ( 347 ) Jul-15-13 20:59 UPGRADED Yamaha G231II Classical Guitar IN GREAT CONDITION with Victorious Setup (#200939707906) A+ Great Seller! Buyer: crawford8938 ( 451 ) Jul-23-13 02:53 Alvarez Masterworks MC90C Classical Guitar IN MINT CONDITION with OHSC Very happy with transaction. Super seller. Would buy from again. A+++ Buyer: lightstruck1 ( 71 ) Jul-23-13 10:26 1989 Takamine EC132C Classical Ac./El. Guitar IN EXCELLENT CONDITION with OHSC (#200940485083) A great guitar at a fair asking price. Timely shipping. Buyer: langeusa4k3e ( 38 ) Jul-25-13 09:39 RARE RYOJI MATSUOKA CLASSICAL GUITAR MODEL M25 in EXCELLENT CONDITION with OHSC (#200940262955) Great guitar, it is beautiful and plays great. I like the price too. Buyer: wormnote1 ( 1 ) Jul-29-13 18:41 HOHNER HC30 CLASSICAL GUITAR IN MINT CONDITION – FANTASTIC VALUE FOR THE PRICE (#200944661100) Nicely restored flamenco guitar! A+++ Ebayer! Newly saved seller for me! Buyer: tommytown ( 266 ) Jul-31-13 08:07 RESSURECTED ALAVREZ YAIRI 5017 FLAMENCO GUITAR IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH HSC (#200946075858) "I would like to strongly recommend Victor Kowalczyk for any Classical or Flamenco Guitar purchase. I began playing classical and Flamenco in 1970. I grew up in Los Angeles and frequented all the best LA music stores in the 60’s and 70’s, always sampling the finest guitars I could get my hands on, and sometimes buying bargains, playing them for awhile and selling them for whatever I paid for them, or sometimes a little bit more.I have owned some top level, solid wood hand made guitars from Spain, including Conde’s and Ramirez. Now I live in the Midwest, with no local music stores around. Recently I decided to take the plunge on Ebay, to see if I could find a decent guitar, without hands on evaluation. Luckily I came across Victor’s offerings.I have just completed a transaction with him for an incredibly beautiful Flamenco Guitar, at a bargain price, purchased without hands on, in person evaluation of the guitar. How to get enough information for a wise decision, over the internet? For starters, Victor is always available, totally accessible for fast email or telephone communication. And he openly and honestly shares his expert guitar knowledge in answer to any question. I asked many, many probing questions. At every stage of our business interaction, he was patient, and completely open, honest, and accurate, always giving detailed, full disclosure. Victor does not just sell guitars. He preps them and sets them up for optimal sound and playability. In buying something without local viewing, you want to deal with someone who actually plays the guitars and is capable, to evaluate and select the best quality instrument and set it up properly. For his personal line of guitars, Victor is in constant communication with the builders to refine the design and achieve highest quality control. For guitars in other brands, he sells for low markup over his cost, he is always upfront and honest to clarify any pros and cons, or any aspect of the guitars which might be questioned. As if all those positives were not enough, Victor even sends the guitar out to you with free shipping! And for the kicker, he even guarantees satisfaction! If you get the guitar, and after a few days playing it are not satisfied, you can return it in same condition for a full refund! (No “restocking fees” or other deterrent conditions). When it comes to the guitar sales business, this is truly the ultimate in customer satisfaction and consumer friendly service.Victor is truly exceptional in his commitment to offer first class service at every step of the process of selecting and choosing a guitar, and in his selection of fine instruments, and his personal setup for optimal sound quality and playability. He cares about each guitar, and he cares about service for every client, so that no stone is unturned to ensure a happy customer. I feel this is the way it should be, and it made me very happy to find someone who would go to such great lengths to provide all the conditions for an ideal business transaction. "If anyone would like to contact me, ask Victor for contact info, and I will be happy to share more details or answer any questions. John