1983 Tokai St60 Strat Style Guitar Mij Japan Vintage Fender Pickups1983 Tokai St60 Strat Style Guitar Mij Japan Vintage Fender Pickups

Owned by The Animals’ guitarist Hilton Valentine!

1983 Tokai ST60 Owned and played by Animals Guitarist, Hilton Valentine (see description below). The guitar has been fitted with Vintage Fender pickups from the 1980s by Mr. Valentine. Not sure about other mods, see pics of electronics. Gold strap button is probably a mod. Frets have wear, but don’t really buzz. Pickups sounds amazing and full. Comes with a generic hard shell case. Looks like the neck has a paper shim? I have a newspaper article with another photo of Hilton playing this guitar. I believe it is German or Dutch? Here is the description from the seller I bought it from a year ago: “Here’s a beautiful 1983 Tokai Goldstar Stratocaster, a 54/55 style model with a soft V neck, 8 hole single ply guard and round string tree (basically vintage correct all around, down to the taper of the knobs). The finish is a nicely aged white/cream. I purchased this guitar a year ago from the original Animals’ guitarist, Hilton Valentine. He purchased the guitar new when touring in Japan, and used it regularly for over 15 years- it’s been well cared for, but does have some fret wear in the first few frets- though it plays pretty well as is. There is typical wear for a guitar of this age that has been played, but well cared for. There is dark wear along some of the edge of the fretboard, not a hindrance at all when playing. There are a few little dings and some light buckle rash, and the plastic parts have yellowed and the hardware shows some oxidation, again just cosmetic. The high E tuning peg shaft is slightly bent, it rotates fine. Very comfortable neck, finish is thin (not sure if it’s nitro or poly on this model, but it looks and feels like other nitro finished guitars I’ve played), frets are vintage size, radius is 7.25″. Hilton replaced the original pickups in the mid 80s with Fender RI (that’s all the info he could give me) pickups, they are likely Fullerton reissue era, which are highly regarded and worth a good chunk of change on their own. More importantly, they sound excellent- this is a glassy, woody and fairly mellow sounding strat that really responds to how you attack it, sings and sustains nicely and you can feel it resonate when played unplugged. As far as I can tell, all the rest of the guitar is stock, including the “final prospect” stamped saddles as well as the pickup selector, which at first feels like a 3 way but does have slight detents for position 2 and 4. As you can see in the pics of Hilton playing the guitar, he had a “Chef” from South Park sticker on the guitar, which was removed and carefully stored so it could be reapplied if desired (it’s a vinyl sticker and is perfectly intact). I will include it along with the other items he gave me, a signed “Skiffledog” (his current skiffle group) pick and a Dutch newspaper clipping showing a photo of him playing the guitar. Tremolo bar is also included. A great and affordable (and naturally aged) vintage strat with a bit of rock and roll history to go with it!” Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks for looking!